Where To Buy Synthetic Urine ?

Over the course of several years, I have frequently worked with synthetic urines. Some of these products have been great, while others have failed to impress me in the least. My friends, who know about my doping habit and my ability to outmaneuver drug tests, commonly ask for my recommendations. When asked where to buy synthetic urine, I always tell them that it is best to do your shopping online. I have no stock in any of these companies. Instead, there is plenty of justification for my reasoning and I’ll explain my choice below.

where to buy synthetic urine in stores?

I’ve been to many local pharmacies, supplement vendors, and head shops that offer synthetic urine. I must say that purchasing directly from one of these retail stores seems like a good idea. In fact, there are many of my friends that want to know precisely where to buy synthetic urine in stores. Unfortunately, this is something that I cannot recommend and this is a good reason for my decision. The truth of the matter is that the synthetic sold in these facilities tend to be unreliable. Don’t waste your money. I’ve done it, I’ve tested these urines  and I’ll tell you that they will not work! They do not contain the necessary chemicals to fool the tests. If you purchase them, I can guarantee that you’ll be the only one fooled.

Remaining Anonymous

When Where To Buy Synthetic Urineattempting to learn where to buy synthetic urine, I encourage everyone to do their shopping online. Sure, it may take a little bit longer to acquire the goods, but the wait is well worth it. First and foremost, I truly appreciate the fact that it is possible to remain entirely anonymous, when shopping online. If you want to completely hide your identity, it is possible to use proxies and make your payment with something encrypted like BitCoin. Either way, shopping online allows you to maintain your anonymity and is recommended.

Never Get Spotted

To me, shopping for synthetic urine in a retail store is like shopping for condoms, tampons or porn. If someone sees you purchasing these items, their opinion of you is going to shrink quickly. This is another reason that I prefer buying my urine online. Nobody will ever know what you’ve purchased and you’ll never have to worry about the cutie down the street catching you holding a bottle of urine.

Where To Buy Synthetic Urine online?

Of course, my biggest reasons for making the purchase online is that you’ll be able to acquire synthetic urine that will deliver a better performance. As I’ve already said, the urines from your local store aren’t going to cut it. They just won’t work! On the other hand, all of my recommended brands are available online and online only. These are brands that I have tested personally and ones that have worked well for my friends and me. Suffice to say, if you want synthetic urine, which is going to actually work, you’ve got to shop online.


Truthfully, I could go on and on. Don’t waste your time or money buying synthetic urine from your local head shop. The bottom line is that it won’t work. Shop online and get a legitimate solution to your problem!

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