What Is BitCanna And What Do They Have To Offer?


Cannabis is now legal in a number of states and countries, but that isn’t making it any easier for vendors and consumers to do business. Banking institutions and credit card companies simply want nothing to do with the money that has been accrued by cannabis or money that is going to be spent on Cannabis.

And, when you find one that does they are going to tax and regulate you harshly. This is exactly what BitCanna wants to change.

Who Are The BitCanna Network?

The BitCanna Alliance is a collective of websites and cannabis entrepreneurs that are affiliated with BitCanna. There are a number of reputable cannabis vendors and legislators that cooperate with BitCanna via their Alliance partner. And, this is probably due to the special care that they have taken to provide a supply chain management and identity control platform.

Even though cannabis is growing legal in many areas of the world it is still seen as highly suspicious amongst many. Their technological wizardry in combination with their proven track record has made them one of the go-to cryptocurrencies when it comes to buying and selling cannabis.

What Is The BitCanna Platform?

Over the years there have been a number of setbacks in the cannabis industry and the BitCanna platform really vow to bridge those gaps. The BitCanna platform is not only unique, but it offers complete transparency for both the vendor and the consumer.

It basically decentralizes the regulation of currency by offering what is known as BitCanna coins (BCNA). BCNA basically cuts out the middleman and allows the consumer to purchase cannabis directly from the vendor. It also allows the vendor to sell cannabis directly to the consumer without processing their payment through a third-party provider.

In order to take advantage of this platform, a user will have to download an application. This is a mobile app that can be installed on any mobile device. Once downloaded, you will need to set up a username and password and you will be able to deposit money into your e-wallet, which will then be converted to BCNA. You can then use this BCNA to purchase all the cannabis that you want from reliable vendors throughout the world.

BitCanna Offers Good Faith

The biggest advantage that users will get with BitCanna is that they are offering a complete look into the cannabis industry. When you download the app, you will not only be granted access to hundreds of cannabis vendors, but you will be granted access to the origins of their products and in-depth customer reviews.

That’s right, you can read and see what other customers have said about the products and services that the company has provided in the past. You can also do complete research on each company and see what they have to offer. Heck, you can even see where their products are cultivated. BitCanna wants to offer the consumer a hand of good faith by giving them a transparent look into the cannabis industry.

BitCanna Is A Worldwide Industry

BitCanna gets offer ten million visitors every year. And, this is because they really are a worldwide company. It is true that they are established in Europe, but this is not the only place that they do business or offer access. When customers sign up for Bitcanna they will have access to some of the top cannabis vendors in 27 different countries.

It Eliminates The Transaction Fees

It is probably safe to assume that you are somewhat familiar with cryptocurrency by now. There is probably even a good chance that you have used cryptocurrency in the past. If you then you already know that there is always a transaction fee associated with a purchase.

Any time you buy a product or service with cryptocurrency, you are going to be required to pay a transaction fee. This is sort of similar to how tax works. Well, this is something that BitCanna does not do. They don’t charge any transaction fees whatsoever when you are making purchases.

BitCanna Offers Privacy

Anytime one is dealing with cannabis it is important to remain completely anonymous. And, that is exactly what BritCanna offers its consumers. When you sign up with Bitcanna the only personal information you will be asked in your username and password. And, your username is how you will be recognized by the vendors and the system.

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