What Happens When You Fail A Drug Test

If you’re anything like me, you smoke a lot of weed each and every day. There is definitely nothing wrong with this, but some individuals cannot see it this way. Some people would like to put us in prison for utilizing our freedom to its fullest. With this in mind, can you imagine what happens when you fail a drug test? The consequences would undoubtedly be frightening and very detrimental to your entire life. This is something I am not willing to face. Below, you’ll learn all about it and potential ways to avoid the consequences.

The Employer’s Choice

When it comes downWhat happens when you fail a drug test to it, I must tell you that the employer remains in charge in today’s society. What happens when you fail a drug test is truly determined by your employer. I have worked with many people, who have been popped for drugs. Some of these individuals were fired right on the spot and this wasn’t fun to watch. This is typically the case with employers, who utilize a zero tolerance policy. Suffice to say, you will not want to be busted, by one of these entities.

Of course, this isn’t the only course of action that can be taken. Some employers are a little bit more lenient than the aforementioned companies. Many of these groups will suspend the employee for a period of time and force them to go through rehabilitation programs. This isn’t something that I would want to encounter. Sure, I might get to keep my job, but the embarrassment of it all would make me want to quit anyway.

Avoiding The Consequences – Refusing The Test

When speaking with my buddies, I constantly hear them say that the best way to avoid a failed drug test is to refuse the test all together. Is this even a possibility? Well, I spoke with a lawyer and they had some good and bad news. First and foremost, the lawyer told me precisely that it is possible to refuse an employer’s drug test. Unfortunately, I also learned that it is entirely up to the employer to decide how to proceed, if you do refuse. I can only assume that the employer would drop me on the spot, if I refused their test. Suffice to say, refusing isn’t the best way to move ahead.

Trying Home Remedies

I recently stumbled across a detailed step by step guide, which provided me with an abundance of information regarding home remedies and drug tests. Initially, I thought that these techniques might work. However, I have many buddies, who have tried these techniques mentioned and they’ve told me that they don’t work .

What happens when you fail a drug test?

At the end of the day, nobody should ever find out what will happen, when they fail a drug test. Failing a test for an employer might be bad, but failing a test from a governmental or law enforcement agency would be far worse. With this in mind, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with ways to beat a drug test, so you never have to face the consequences.

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