Weed Set To Go Legal In Canada So Where Can Canadians Buy Bud?

canada legalized weed

Canada is set to legalize weed next week. Sadly, Canadians may still have a tough time getting access to marijuana. More details about that will be provided below.

Bill C-45 Passes

First and foremost, Canadians need to understand that the government recently passed Bill C-45. The bill was passed by Parliament this summer. Under that bill, the sale and recreational use of cannabis will be legalized across the country. Still, it is believed that marijuana will be sparsely available.

Retail Stores Are Limited

So, why is it going to be so difficult to gain access to pot in Canada despite the passage of the bill. The truth of the mattress is that few stores will actually be opened on the first day that cannabis will be legalized.

In British Columbia, a single store is set to be operational on October 17. Ontario, which happens to be the country’s most populated province, won’t have a single store. Alberta residents will be a little better off. That province is expected to have 17 stores. Saskatchewan will have a similar number.

It is believed that Nova Scotia and Quebec will have twelve stores respectively. Those living in the right areas will be able to access marijuana, while others will be left out in the cold.

Why Is The Pot Supply So Limited?

The unfortunate truth is that cannabis might not be very easy to access once it has been legalized. Very little of the product may be available on the first day of legalization. Experts believe that producers might not have enough time to meet the initial demand.

In return, they may be limited to extracted oils and flower. It is also pertinent to understand that the law will not legalize marijuana edibles.

Those are expected to be legalized sometime next year. The uncertainty of the supply chain may be another reason that retail stores are unable to prepare to sell legal pot.

The market is very thin. That is one of the main reasons that provinces haven’t felt the urge to rush to get retail establishments open. Consumers who attempt to buy cannabis on the first day of legalization should prepare to sit in line for a very long time. They may also experience limited supply and product types.

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Producer Licensing Hurts

Another thing that should be noted is that Canada doesn’t have a lot of licensed cannabis producers. A report set to be released this week will place blame on the delay of licensing for the cause of product shortages.

The same report indicates that the delay could last for at least 6 months. The provincial liquor agency in British Columbia has already admitted that the supply will be limited. The agency admits that low crop yields and inadequate packaging could results in lower inventories than initially expected.

Licensed producers originally provided a commit that they would be able to generate a certain amount of marijuana.

The actual numbers will most likely fall way below that number. British Columbia isn’t the only province that will be impacted either. Other provinces and jurisdictions will also likely be impacted by shortages.

The Government Believes Otherwise

While some experts claim that the industry simply isn’t ready, the government suggests otherwise. Mathieu Filion, who is the spokesman for the country’s Health Minister, claims that cannabis companies are indeed ready for the legalization.

Filion would say that current inventory levels and a growth in production capacity would make it possible for the industry to be ready as consumers make the transition to the legal market. One retailer, Delta 9 Cannabis, believes it will be ready to go too.

The company’s CEO, John Arbuthnot, says that the company’s 3,200 square foot location in Winnipeg, Manitoba will be ready to go.

However, he admits that there is going to be some hiccups. That is true with any new industry and it is something that consumers should be prepared for. Still, there is a pretty good chance that things will get better with time.

Consumers should be ready for a potentially rocky start with things improving over the next couple of months. Canada has truly made a big statement by legalizing recreational marijuana use across the country and that could encourage others to do the same!

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