Does Walmart Drug Test? (Safest Way To Pass A Walmart Pre Employment Drug Test)

It doesn’t matter if you take drugs or not, everyone needs a job of some sort. As one of the largest employers around, it’s no surprise that so many people applying for a job at Walmart are concerned about whether there will be a drugs test.

Does walmart drug test?

When it comes to wondering “Does Walmart drug test, and what happens to me if they do?” unfortunately seeking out information on the Internet just seems to make that confusion and worry worse. You get conflicting stories about whether Walmart does drug test or not, and even when people say they do, sometimes they say it’s the only in certain jobs, locations or levels of employee.

What’s the truth? It’s a tough subject, so let’s have a look at it both from information from other sources and also from a friend of mine.

Walmart Drug Test Policy 2018

walmart drug testing policy 2017The first thing I was surprised about is that it is incredibly difficult to actually find out what the official drug test policy is for Walmart.

You can search and search not find much other than talking on sites like Reddit about background checks and drug screening.

So does Walmart drug test?

The truth seems to be from anecdotal evidence around the Internet from people who got jobs at Walmart is that it’s patchy. For every person who says they have a background check and drug test, you’ll see somebody else who says they got a job at Walmart and didn’t have to submit to a drug test.

The the truth here is is that they do still drug test in most cases, even if some people say they don’t. It may not be all the time, but from everything I’m seeing, they should be doing it, and could choose to do it. So you have to assume that if you go for a job at Walmart, or you already have a job and something happens then you are going to potentially get a drug test.

When Might You Get A Walmart Drug Test?

Does walmart drug test It seems to be the case that some people saying the new policy is it’s only in certain key positions, certain departments for example.

But you can’t just assume that if you going to push trolleys around or sit on the checkouts that you are going to be free from a drug test when applying for those lower-level positions.

You have to look at it from the point of view that you will face a background check and drug test for every position, because some people say you do and the evidence suggests you can.

[alert-warning]I will tell you this with certainty:

  • If you already work for Walmart and are getting a promotion then you will have a drug test.
  • If you are the victim of an accident in the workplace you will have a drug test
  • If you cause an accident at Walmart you will have a drugs test[/alert-warning]

They do this to get rid of liability. If they can catch you out with a positive drugs test, even if it didn’t affect the accident in any way, then they can get out of any liability for payments and being sued. That’s really scummy as far as I’m concerned, but it’s the way of the world unfortunately here in the litigation crazy USA.

How To Pass A Walmart Drugs Test

This is the real-life evidence. I had a friend who went for a job at Walmart recently and he did have a background check and drug test after the interview. Thankfully he had not taken any drugs for a while and so was clean.

But what was interesting is he said that the drugs test is unsupervised. ( For more info on how to pass an unsupervised drug test, click here.)

So the word on the street here is the best way to pass a Walmart drug test to either not take the drugs, use high quality synthetic urine, or detox drinks such as Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

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