Vale Perma Clean Review

I’m going to say right up front here that this is not a proper review of Vale Perma Clean. The reason for it not being a proper review is that I am not testing the product, simply because I don’t need to.

I’ve already written a review of testing done on another of the company’s products, Vale detox drink. It’s crap and it doesn’t work. If the company releases one product which doesn’t work, why would another of that products which is even more dubious work?

So upfront here I’m telling you the conclusion of the review. I’d like you to read on because I want you to understand the reasons why, and to give you some pointers on what product you can use that is proven to quickly detox you prior to a drug test.

What Is Vale Perma Clean?

Vale Perma clean is basically a natural supplement which claims to release toxins from your system.

It’s a 15 day course which you use alongside a natural detox, things like exercise, drinking more water, stuff like that, (check out how to get weed out of your system fast!)

The thing is, even the people who make this product don’t claim it will help you pass a drug test. It might be good for your liver, but that’s about it. Some websites sell it to help you pass a drug test, but even they steer clear of saying the product itself will help, they tend to sell it as a supporting product.

It contains several key natural ingredients:

  • Milk thistle
  • Burdock root
  • Yellow dock root
  • Hydrangea root

Now please excuse the joke, but to get to the root of how effective this product would be, none of these ingredients are linked to rapid detoxing of the system, and they are not key ingredients in any detox product that actually works.

Vale Perma Clean Review

Vale Perma Clean For Drug Test: Does It Work?

So as you have already guessed, no Vale Perma Clean will not help you pass a drug test.

The detox program is 15 days long, which is enough time for a light smoker to naturally detox anyway.

On top of that, there are very few reviews on the Internet that claim it can help with a drug test, and they are all suspect.

There was only one post on asking about the effectiveness of these pills for a detox, and that post is from 2004.

There are reviews on the manufacturer’s own website, but you don’t know if they are legitimate even if they look like they are. But again, none of those user reviews claim that it is helped them pass a drug test.

There is literally no evidence that Vale Perma Clean can help you to pass a drug test, it might help you with a natural detox for the long term, but this is not a product to spend money on if you need to get through submitting a sample.

Vale Perma Clean Review: Summary & Alternatives

Vale Perma Clean will not help you pass a drug test, it is not designed for a rapid detox, none of the ingredients will help you. There is literally no evidence that it works in this respect and so you should avoid it.

The bottom line here is that you need to detox rapidly using a high quality detox system designed for the purpose. My recommendation is Toxin Rid.

Toxin Rid has a proven track record in helping to detox you for a drug test. I’ve used it lots of times, my friends use it, and it’s a pill system that is recommended on drug forums around the Internet. It has tons of positive reviews and it works for all drugs, including nicotine.

On top of that, Toxin Rid works to detox both the urine and blood. So it’s a great all-round detox product, and one that will work for you, unlike Vale Perma Clean.

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