Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Review

It was this thread on one of these marijuana forums about Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine that first caught my attention. There was a time when you could spot a fake thread a mile away. But now, there are people who get paid to be alive on these forums and post random shit interspersed with a carefully crafted promotional thread.

This one, no matter how discreet and authentic it sounded, appeared fake right from the word go. So there’s this guy who’s desperate for a job and who has submitted Ultra Pure Synthetic urine to a lab for a pre-emp test. And after submitting the sample, he asks other members about his chances of passing the test.

Why on earth would he do that after submitting the sample? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

And after a week of sounding like a desperate cry baby, he suddenly posts that he passed the test and landed the job and starts to sing praises about Ultra Pure. How unbiased!
To put things to perspective, we decided to write an Ultra Pure Synthetic urine review ourself.

ultra pure synthetic urine

Ultra Pure synthetic urine review – How it works

Everthing about Ultra Pure looks very similar to Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, which is another very popular brand of fake piss. In fact, we can say that Ultra Klean Ultra pure synthetic urine is a cheap Quick Fix Clone.

In each package, you get a 4 oz. bottle of synthetic urine which according to the manufacturer is perfectly calibrated with human like ‘traits’. I guess they are talking about the chemical composition here. They fail to mention it in detail though.

Does it have urea, uric acid, creatine?

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine reviewThe instructions state that you shake the bottle and microwave it for 10 seconds.

There’s a heating pad that needs to be attached to the bottle with a rubber band and it preheats the bottle to the optimum desired temperature which happens to be between 90-100 degrees.

If you do not have a microwave, then you can attach the heating pad to the bottle for 45 minutes to get the synthetic urine to the desired temperature level.

Having reviewed a few synthetic urine brands, I know for one that heating pads can be unreliable. At times, it can spike the temperature beyond 100 degrees and at times, it will fail to heat it beyond 90.

[alert-warning]What makes it tricky, is that the temperature strip on the bottle will always show that it is at the perfect temperature.[/alert-warning]

Walmart drug test with Ultra Pure

My mate tested Ultra Pure synthetic urine on two occasions for a job at Walmart that he was not too keen on taking up anyway. Thankfully, he was called for an unsupervised drug test which was perfect for it.

  • He microwaved the bottle and attached the heating strap to it. The temperature strip showed 99 and he submitted the sample to a laboratory. The technician refused the sample right away saying that it was too hot. He was asked to come for a retest the next day.
  • The next day, He submitted the sample again. Only this time, He did not microwave the bottle. He had attached the heating strap to it for close to 35 minutes and it was tucked away in his undies. The sample was refused again for not being the right temp. The tech did not reveal the actual temperature. She just said that it was below the acceptable level. Ultra pure synthetic urine failed again.

To sum it up my Ultra Pure synthetic urine review, I would never risk a job with a cheap fake urine like this. On a lucky day, it may work for you. And on another day, you’d get busted l. Not worth it. Check out my synthetic urine reviews to see what works and what doesn’t.

In my next article, I will review Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt.

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