Ultra Klean Power Flush Reviews

Ultra Klean Power Flush Reviews

I have to admit I hadn’t really heard Ultra Klean Power Flush until very recently, when somebody I know, who reads my blog, mentioned to me that they bought some a while ago.

But after buying it, they read some Ultra Klean Power Flush reviews online, and changed their mind about relying on it for an employment drug test they had coming up.

So they passed me the packet of Ultra Klean Power Flush capsules, so I could test them out, and write a proper Ultra Klean Power Flush review.

As they were free, how could I refuse?

Ultra Klean Power Flush Ingredients

Ultra Klean Power Flush is designed to be used on the day of a drug test, it’s kind of a capsule form of detox drink.

I’ll go through the instructions for taking it in a minute, but first I wanted to start this Ultra Klean Power Flush review, by looking at the ingredients.

The pack capsules consists of:

21 x 600 mg herbal capsules

2 x 590 mg vitamin B-complex capsules

2 x 387 mg creatine monohydrate capsules

The capsules contain things like creatine, iron, iodine, various vitamins, phosphorus, and zinc. There’s nothing that leaps out at me as powerful, especially when you compare it to the ingredients list of high quality detox drink, or something like Toxin Rid detox pills.

Ultra Klean Power Flush Instructions

The Ultra Klean Power Flush instructions are pretty straightforward, but I think they gave me a clue as to how this live test was going to go.

  1. Abstain from toxins for 24-72 hours before the day use the capsules. Drink lots of water during this time.
  2. Take one packet of seven herbal capsules with 20 oz of water.
  3. 20 minutes later, take the second packet of seven herbal capsules, again with 20 oz of water.
  4. 20 minutes later, take the third packet, plus 20 oz of water.
  5. At the same time, take the other four tablets with that last amount of water.

Shortly after that, you should be clear of toxins in your urine for up to 5 hours. That’s a lot of pills to consume, just for five hours clean, when you compare it to just drinking one high quality detox drink.

Ultra Klean Power FlushDoes Ultra Klean Power Flush work?

Not a chance in hell! I could have told you that before I took the pills. But I did a home drug test an hour after taking Ultra clean, and I failed it.

Looking at my urine, it was completely clear and colorless. I’ve just assumed 60oz of water in an hour, on top of about the same amount over the previous 24 hours. So it’s hardly surprising.

Even if you flush out the toxins, the amount of water you having to drink to down all of those pills, will probably get your sample rejected as too diluted to test properly.

There’s nothing in Ultra Klean Power Flush that suggests it can work either. It appears to me that the pills are just herbal supplement pills that don’t do anything, and they are hoping that you flush out enough toxins with with all that water consumed, somehow get through the drug test.

Alternatives To Ultra Klean That Work

To add insult to injury, herbal Klean state on their packaging that they offer a “500% moneyback guarantee”. You have to send everything to an address to get your money back, and then they will apparently send you a check for “up to” 500% of your money back.

Note that “up to” ranges from 0 to 500%. How much you think anyone has ever got back? I bet you can’t find a single person who can confirm they ever got any money back, let alone 500% of it.

So Ultra Klean Power Flush reviews that tell you it works are talking rubbish. I’m telling you, based on ingredients, research online, and real-life testing, that this stuff is trash.

If you want to flush out drug toxins, on the day of the test, the quickest way to do it properly is to use a high quality detox drink.

The one I really recommend at the minute is Ultra Eliminex. It’s only been around couple of years, and it’s got a really concentrated, advanced formula.

I’ve used in testing, I’ve used it in real life for pre-employment testing, and through recommendations to my friends, it’s been tested indirectly by them as well.

Ultra Eliminex will pass a urine drug test, Ultra Klean Power Flush will fail it, or even worse, it won’t even be tested at all, because your sample gets rejected as diluted.

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