Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine Review

 I’m putting this Ultimate Gold synthetic urine review out there for one reason only. To make sure that nobody else gets caught out with it.

I’ve done so many reviews of great quality synthetic piss, such as Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.1.  They really are some great products out there that will help you pass a drug test, so it makes me angry when I see rubbish out there which will let people down, and could cost the more the money.

What Is Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine?

It’s a brand of synthetic urine which is made and marketed for sex games. It’s called the “Ultimate golden shower kit” and is designed for people who want to get into watersports without dealing with real urine.

The problem is that on some sites it is marketed as also being high quality enough and formulated in a way to pass a urine drug sample test.

Some sites are marketing it as synthetic urine to pass a drug test, not as a sex aid.

For example one site has instructions which include the words “Before your test” and “During your test” in them. This is obviously is misleading and I have to make it clear that passing a drug test is very risky with Ultimate gold and you will most likely fail.

Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine review

So Does Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine Work?

The bottom line here is no. This kind of low quality synthetic pee might have worked years ago, but not anymore. I only became aware of Ultimate Gold is because a friend of mine bought some to pass a urine test at work. It’s the first test he’s ever had and he panicked a bit and he bought the stuff online without even reading reviews.

Thankfully he texted me about it and I stopped him in his tracks. I gave him a bottle of Sub Solution instead and he got through the test, because that’s high quality and will do the job.

But he made the basic error of not checking for reviews online, and not understanding what you need in a synthetic urine to make it work.

Basically you need it to contain:

  • urea
  • uric acid
  • have the right specific gravity and the correct pH level.

[alert-warning] If it doesn’t contain all these factors then you will fail the test.[/alert-warning]

Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine Review: Conclusion

To be honest, this hasn’t even been a review. It’s been a warning to steer you away from wasting your time on this product. It will cost you money and it might cost you your job or your freedom.

Ultimate Gold has no reviews, doesn’t even have its own website, no guarantees of money back, and is falsely sold on third-party sites as being capable of getting you through a drugs test. This simply isn’t true because it doesn’t contain the right ingredients.

The truth is if you going to use synthetic urine to pass a drugs test, then the only brand you should be looking at are Sub Solution, Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz. I would always say go for Sub Solution if it is available because it is simply the best synthetic urine available.

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