Ultimate Gold Detox Review

Ultimate gold detox drink has been around for quite a few years. It’s not a major brand compared to some others, but it has got a positive reputation.

I tried it years ago, but have recently read that it has changed, so I wanted to take another look at it for myself.

So I’m going to look at ultimate gold detox reviews to see what the truth is, and also I tested it myself recently to see if I got the same result as I did all that time ago.

I also reviewed Ultimate Gold’s other product “Ultimate gold synthetic urine” a few weeks ago.

Ultimate Gold Detox Instructions

Ultimate gold detox instructions are common to most detox drinks.

First you drink the contents of the bottle, then you refill the bottle a little while later and drink that. Then you urinate frequently until you take your test.

If you do that, ultimate gold claims it will flush your system quickly and effectively, leaving you toxin free in as little as 60 minutes, (read more about detox drinks here).

Ultimate Gold Detox drink ReviewsDoes Ultimate Gold Detox Drink Work?

I tried ultimate gold detox in the original 16oz size a few years ago. I was only smoking a few times a month, not every day like I do now.

I passed a drug test after using ultimate gold detox drink back then.

So I thought that as I’m now a regular smoker, and a little larger than I used to be, I would order the bigger 20oz bottle for the purposes of testing.

The larger bottle is recommended for people over 200lbs and the claim from the company is that:

“20oz offers 20% more detoxification power for our rather large friends!”

First of all it tasted completely different to how it was several years ago. They have definitely changed the formula. It’s a different color and it’s also thicker, and to be honest doesn’t taste very nice.

But I went ahead and drank it anyway, then drank 20oz of water 15 minutes later, then urinated three times in an hour and took a home drug test.

The test was positive.  So I failed a home drug test with ultimate gold detox drink.

Ultimate Gold Detox Review: Conclusion

The bottom line here is that something has changed with ultimate gold detox drink. For the people wondering does ultimate gold detox drink work, I’m afraid I have to say it may have in the past, but the evidence I now have is that it doesn’t anymore.

There are a view positive reviews on Amazon, but they seem incredibly positive to me, and a little fake. A lot of the negative ones are very conclusive in saying that they failed a drug test.

You may get lucky and if you are a small person, or a person who doesn’t smoke much, then you may get your system flushed out enough with this product.

I would say if you are a regular smoker, and especially if you are also a larger body size, then you are going to need something more powerful and conclusive than ultimate gold detox drink.

It’s currently $21.99 on Amazon. You can get a much better detox drink for around 40-50$, which will give you a much better chance of passing that all-important urine drug test.

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