Total Stealth Detox Review

There are so many different types of detox products out there, all claiming to get rid of the evidence of drugs before you have to take a drug test, that it’s impossible to keep up.There are also new products coming out all the time and each time a product comes out the Internet is hit with a wave of positive reviews, most of them obviously paid for.

So as somebody who’s interested in this stuff, and in terms of trying to help people who desperately need a proper solution to get through that drug test to get a job, keep their job or whatever, then we need to get some evidence to see if things work.

And that’s why want to write here about something called Total Stealth detox. I have had comments asking if it and another cleansing drink called Pure Detox work. The basic question I want to answer here is does Total Stealth detox work?

So this is my Total Stealth detox review. Let’s see if we can give you the answer.

Total Stealth Detox review

total stealth detox reviewEverything about Total Stealth seems brilliant. According to the Total Stealth website directions you simply take the pills and stick to a low-fat diet and do healthy thing is basically.

The company’s website then claims that Total Stealth starts working within 60 minutes and eliminate toxins for up to 7 hours.

No evidence is produced to back up this claim, or how Total Stealth works to achieve this.

To say I am skeptical about this would be an understatement.

Total Stealth Drug Test: Will You Pass?

So what I did was to buy some Total Stealth detox from Amazon. The reviews on there are atrocious, they are either stupidly positive and obviously paid for fake reviews, or quite bad and even angry.

When it arrived it looks like your typical big claim drug detox product. Well designed, big promises but I don’t think from the evidence I have seen that it’s got any value at all beyond looking pretty.

I took the pills they supplied and follow the instructions exactly. I then did a home drug test kit and it was positive. I’ve done this a few times in the past to test( Mega Clean detox drink review) things and so I know the deal, and it wasn’t worth taking another drug test in case it was a false positive, I’m done with this product as it claims just don’t add up.

So What’s The Deal? How Does Total Stealth detox Sell?

My honest opinion is I don’t think there is evidence you will pass a drugs test using Total Stealth. There’s nothing about how this product works anywhere on my own testing did not work.

On top of that the website returns errors and has bad links, and the product on the website is hugely overpriced, but is also available for less on other sites. For example, Total Stealth is available for 22$ on Amazon, when it’s 34$ on their own website. That just doesn’t add up.

So the conclusion of my Total Stealth detox review is that it doesn’t work. It makes big claims with no evidence, the reviews on the Internet look paid for and a live test done by me, someone who’s done this quite a few times and know my stuff, is that I can see no basis the claims they make about it working. I personally recommend Ultra Eliminex, and Mega clean with Pre rid tablets. For more details, check out my detox drinks review.

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