The Stuff Detox Review

Now this The Stuff detox review is an interesting one for me. The reason it’s interesting is that I’ve now tested dozens of these detox drinks with a very mixed record and a lot of money spent.

What’s interesting about this one is that it’s dirt cheap and has a potential track record of working if you read the evidence online. When I’m saying dirt cheap, I’m talking nine dollars for a 16oz dose bottle of the stuff detox drink.

So with a low cash outlay and therefore not much to lose, I decided that doing a the stuff detox review made a lot of sense.

So What Is The Stuff Detox Drink?

The Stuff detoxIt’s been around for a few years, and has a mixed record. If you look at reviews on websites that sell it, you will notice they are very polarized.

A lot of that polarization is people who fail a drugs test after taking it are obviously going to hammer it. And on the other side of that, people who passed are going to praise it, and also you have got to factor in the fake reviews.

For example, the top-rated comment says:

“Despite the mixed reviews I took a chance I was pleasantly surprised! Now, if I get the job it was well worth it…”

That smells bad to me, hopeful at best, fake at worst. If you are going for a job interview and you are smoking, then only spending $9 on a bottle of detox drink is risky as far as I’m concerned. Especially when it’s got 44% negative reviews.

Testing The Stuff Detox Drink

So I decided to test this low-cost detox drink. I wondered where can I buy the stuff detox, and the best price seemed to be nine dollars, from a variety of sites.

I didn’t do the testing myself because I tested Absolute detox at that same time. So I gave it to a friend instead.

He’s a big guy and he’s a heavy smoker as well. He followed the instructions to the letter:

1: Drink 16 oz of water.
2: Drink bottle of the Stuff.
3: Refill empty bottle and drink again.
4: Urinate 2 times before test
5: drink nothing but water until drugs test

the stuff detox reviewOnce he had done that, he waited. It’s apparently effective for up to 5 hours and most effective from an hour onwards, so he took a home drugs test a couple of hours after drinking the stuff.

The bottom line is he failed that test.

Now he’s a big guy and a heavy smoker, so on a light smoker or smaller person it could be different, but he followed the instructions the letter.

I think one thing to mention is in terms of how long does the liquid stuff last, it’s not a long time.

You really need to be hitting that drugs test within a couple of hours to stand the best chance of passing.

The Stuff Detox Review: Conclusion

So that’s the bottom line, it’s a simple detox drink at a low cost and the instructions are simple as well, which is great for stoners because they don’t like following instructions!

The reviews of stuff detox are mixed. It doesn’t worth a try, especially not if something important depends on you testing negative. If your test is supervised I suggest Mega Clean , Ultra Eliminex  (for large guys and heavy smokers) or Rescue Cleanse if its unsupervised, synthetic urine is the best option.

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