The Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana to some people is considered a relaxing drug that helps relax the mind and body. Others believe it takes them on a trip to a dream land to get them away from the real world problems. I have done this myself. I was one of the people who wanted to get away from my problems and run away from it all.

The easiest way was to get something in my system to help relax me and let me take the trip. Some people use this drug as a prescription from a doctor to help relieve stress. Other just take it in their own time and own free will.

The first thing I believe people should be informed about is what marijuana is and how it affects the brain and the body. Marijuana comes from the Hemp plant, using the leaves, and the stems and drying them out.

what are the effects of marijuana

Normally the color ranges from green to brown and sometimes have a gray mixture. The affects it has upon the body normally depends upon a few factors. It can depend on how much the user has taken in or how strong the drug is.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabino, or better known to others, THC, is the main chemical in marijuana. THC is normally the reason why people are able to relax and not have a care in the world. Another thing the affects depend on is whether or not the person has used this drug before. It’s like drinking, the more you have, the higher tolerance you have towards it. Now on to how it affects the brain and the body.

The main affect upon the brain is memory loss. Normally if someone is high they can’t really remember anything that just happened. So if you go and pinch your friend who is high, wait about five minutes and mention it to them, they most likely won’t remember that it happened until you explain it to them, then it might come back to them. Another thing you will notice in someone who is high is how they act.

Normally you will see them laughing the whole time at nothing or something that is not very funny. This is called a good trip. 98% you will have a good trip when you use marijuana; I never had a bad one.

For those who are unsure what a bad trip is, it’s when you are scared and confused, and you start freaking out and seeing scary crazy things. The other two main affects marijuana has on the brain are that you can’t control your attention span and you have problems learning. Now these two along with a few other factors, such as increased heart rate, distorted perception, and trouble thinking are just short term affects. Some long term affects include, cancer, bad immune system, and coughing and wheezing.

The main problem, why marijuana isn’t legalized, is because people believe that when someone young does this drug; they will go ahead and experiment with other drugs, such as shrooms, acid, heroin, opiates, cocaine those kinds of things.

Most young people believe since marijuana will most likely never give you a bad trip, then they think that other drugs won’t either. People don’t know how to get marijuana out of the system, so they go out, and try other drugs.

Another reason is because the young teen loses the high that marijuana gives them from their tolerance building up, they want to go and find something else that will get them high again. People are also unaware how long the THC stay in the body. Studies have shown the THC stays in the body for up to a 12 week in humans (hair drug testing goes back up to 90 days).

They also tested the same thing on an animal, THC stayed in the animal for almost a month. It really depends how much you have and how long you have been doing it. It all varies upon that.

As many people think and believe that Marijuana should be legalized, in the end, it’s really for our safety that it’s not. The affects it has upon us can really get ourselves killed. I watch my friend everyday smoke it and get more and more messed up in the head.

Everyday he’s laughing at nothing, he just sits there like nothing is going on and stares off into space, and he’s constantly coughing up stuff. Watching him and how he is turning out, I’d rather deal with my problems, then sacrifice my life.

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