Test Pure Platinum Review 2020

I’m always looking for that elusive guarantee in passing a drugs test. The most common way of taking a drugs test is with a urine sample, so it’s no surprise with millions of these tests happening in the United States alone each year, that people want to make money from it by selling things that claim to get you through the drugs test.

I wouldn’t normally buy rubbish like this, I decided to get some and do a review. I got the one called Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force.

Test Pure Platinum Review

test pure platinum reviewI bought a 24oz bottle of Test Pure Platinum from Amazon. I didn’t buy it from the official site test-pure.com because it’s $39 on there.

I did have a look at their website though, and the official website looks very old and outdated. It was last updated in 2007, which is a red flag in itself, because if you can’t update the website in 10 years then surely you can’t be running a successful business?


It says it’s been the number one bestseller for 10 years running, since it was first created in 1997. So that means the formula probably hasn’t been updated since 1997, especially when you think they haven’t updated the website in 10 years either. That can’t be a good sign.

Test Pure Platinum Instructions & Testing

So I got myself a bottle of this detox drink. Every detox drink recommends you do the same thing basically to take it, and the Test Pure Platinum Instructions are basically the same.

All these detox drinks cover their backside by recommending that you eat healthily, exercise regularly, drink plenty, all the usual stuff. But unfortunately, most of us aren’t saints living a puritan lifestyle, that’s why we need these things to try and pass drugs tests!

I didn’t do anything to prepare, I don’t have a great lifestyle and I am a heavy smoker. But that shouldn’t matter, because it says on the 24oz bottle that it is designed for people with a large body mass, and also heavy smokers, so this stuff should work.

And you know what, I bet you can already guess, it didn’t work.

It’s supposed to work within an hour, and after one hour I took a home test and it was positive. I tried a second test and our later and I was still positive. So it failed.

Test Pure Platinum Magnum Force Is A Farce

test pure platinumI have one good thing to say about this detox drink, and that’s it tastes really good. I think that says a lot because ultimately it doesn’t matter what it tastes like, you’re taking it to try and get through a drugs testing and be detoxed, not to have a good tasting drink, otherwise you would just have a Coke.

I wasted two drugs test kits, and $21 plus shipping to get my hands on Test Pure Platinum for this review.

In total, I’ve now spent over $300 on reviewing lots of these cheap detox drinks from Amazon, and the bottom line is I’m yet to find one that seems to really work other than by a complete fluke. Guys, do not rely on cheap low quality detox drinks. Sure bets are Herbal Clean Ultra Elminex (It’s on sale now), Mega Clean and Rescue cleanse, they might cost a bit more, but both work.

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