Synthetix5 Review: Synthetix5 Fail?

Because it’s advertised all over the place as the best synthetic urine on the market, I thought it was time that I did some research and questioning, and created a proper Synthetix5 review.

I’m going to put it up against Sub Solution, another leading brand of synthetic urine to see how it stacks up and answer the question that many people are asking: will this synthetic urine get you through a drug test?

I’m going to tease you at the start I saying that my findings and conclusions might surprise you. So let’s get on with the review.

What Is Synthetix5?

SSynthetix5 Reviewynthetix5 is one of the leading brands of synthetic urine. It has the correct pH, gravity and characteristics, namely it contains both urea and uric acid.

Leading labs like Labcorp test for all of these characteristics in their basic urine testing.

On top of that, it comes with a hand warmer that helps to keep the fake urine sample at the right temperature to ensure that it doesn’t get spotted and rejected.


The bottom line is that because of these characteristics, Synthetix5 is a far better choice than any of the other popular synthetic urine brands out there like Agent X, Clean Stream or Ultra pure synthetic urine.


Synthetix5 Lab Test:  Will It Pass?

Having said that Synthetix5 is a good quality synthetic urine, I’m going to now turn to the bad news. The big question is will Synthetix5 fail a drug test?

The anecdotal evidence from many forums around the Internet and use of reviews is that yes you can fail with a Synthetix5 lab test.

I had a friend who recently took a urine drug test at Labcorp.

He decided to do a Synthetix5 Labcorp testing strategy.

He followed all the instructions, and submitted the urine sample at the correct temperature. Unfortunately he got a phone call a week later saying he had failed the test.

I’ve done some digging and worked out the reason why. Apparently Labcorp are now wise to synthetic samples and so they have started to check for traces of biocide in samples.

Biocide can be found in many synthetic urine brands, but it is not present in human samples. So that’s the reason why you cannot rely on Synthetix5 to pass a Labcorp test any more.

Synthetix5 Review: Conclusion & Alternatives

Labcorp urine testThe conclusion of my Synthetix5 review is simple. Don’t risk failing a drug test by using it.

Because it contains biocide it is not safe for submission. You are very simply going to be busted if it is found.

This is the exact reason why I still only ever rely on and recommend Sub Solution for a fake sample.

The reason for this is really simple and you probably guessed it already, it doesn’t contain biocide.

Sub Solution contains all the essential elements, urea, uric acid, comes with the ability to keep it at the right temperature, and doesn’t contain biocide.

To make sure I’m passing on the right information to you guys I even contacted the manufacturer and asked them to confirm that the latest formulation of Sub Solution is biocide free. No only did they confirm that, but they also said they were well aware of the fact that Labcorp now check for that in their urine samples.

So unless you like Russian roulette, you really need to forget trying Synthetix5 and instead go for Sub Solution.

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