Sure Jell drug test review | Certo Method

If you have been scourging weed forums for easy and foolproof methods that can help you beat a drug test, then the odds are high that you have come across posts that sing praises for the Sure Jell drug test method (Certo).

‘I mixed a pack of Sure Jell and gulped it down with water. Three hours later, I submitted my piss for a test and I passed with flying colors. This stuff is from the gods’.

There are hundreds of posts like this all over the internet which makes noobs veer towards the Sure Jell Drug test method without being fully aware of how effective or ineffective it is. You know that a sob story is on the cards about how their sample was busted for being too diluted or how the lab made them redo the test a few hours later and they were busted anyway.

So, here are my two cents about the Certo Drug test method and why I’d give it a miss any day.

What is the Sure Jell drug test method?

Sure jell drug testCerto is the brand name of fruit pectin that is commonly used for baking confectionary. Sure Jell is another brand name of the same product coincidentally manufactured by the same parent company. Hence, you may find that the names are often interchanged to describe the same method.

What makes it appealing with stoners is the fact that fruit pectin is cheap, easily available anywhere and it may be reasonably effective when used along with a proper detoxification program.

The theory is that fruit pectin coats the inner lining of the stomach and the urinary bladder for a short time frame which masks the THC metabolites and prevents it from being released in the urine. However, there is no scientific proof to back up these claims and even if there were any truth to it, it would be impossible to determine the exact time frame for which this so called ‘coating’ exists.

What is the window period during which it’s safe to submit a sample?

You may end up submitting your sample too early or too late. None of the posts offer any clarity on the exact time duration in which, you can submit your sample like some of the detox drinks do, but the best is probably a few hours before the drug test. So, you are left on your own to guess this part.

Contradictory information

Does certo work for probationEach person who’s vouching for the Sure Jell drug test method seems to be following their own secret recipe.

Some recommend mixing a pack of Sure Jell with a bottle of water or gatorade drinking it, follow it up with lots of water and urinate twice before the scheduled drug test.

Others recommend mixing at least three packets of Certo liquid pectin with water and drinking it multiple times for almost 24 hours before the scheduled drug test.

God help your stomach. You will most likely be pooping through your ears after that.

Irrespective of whether you are searching for information on sure jell drug test for probation or just sure jell drug test directions, there’s a lot of contradictory stuff out there which only makes it all the more unreliable.

Also, there’s mixed reviews on its effectiveness. Some say it works like a charm. Others say that they lost out on job opportunities because of it. There’s a post from a US Army soldier who ended up in jail after he was busted in a drug test. Others claim that it helped them pass a home drug test but their sample was rejected at the lab.

Too many discrepancies for my liking to be honest.

Does Certo Work For Probation?

It was a mystery to me why people who are on probation would want to risk losing their freedom over a few dollars. But still lots of people search online for information about the Certo drug test method.

When it comes to wondering does Certo work for probation, the answer is its NOT safe, but it might work, if you have an light toxin intake, and you are very lucky.

Yes there is a little evidence that Certo can mask toxins in your system, but overall, it’s going to do virtually nothing in comparison to a professional product like a detox drink, or detox pills. The bottom line is that the Certo method is not safe any type of drug test, and the answer to the question around does Certo work for probation is it’s not recommended.

My Certo Drug test review

certo methodAs always, I decided to self test the method and post my certo drug test review. And I followed both the methods. First, I guzzled a gooey Sure Jell and water mixture at specific intervals for 24 hours. Drank copious amounts of water as well and ended up with piss that looked as plain as water. There was no color whatsoever to the urine.

As expected, I failed the test.

Three days later (I stopped smoking during these three days), I tried the same-day plan and mixed a pack of Certo with 32 oz of Gatorade and gulped it down. Refilled the bottle with water and drank that. I also took creatine supplements and some B12 for restoring the color in the urine, urinated twice. Waited for two hours and tested my urine sample.

Failed gloriously again!

I’d like to sum this up with the same explanation that I always give to inexperienced stoners. There are just far too many factors that can determine how long drug metabolites stick in your body. And neither fruit pectin or niacin, nor herbal tea is enough to flush it out in a single day.

What works, is good old time consuming detoxification and exercise, with ample support from minerals, multis and dietary fiber. Your next best bets are synthetic urine and detox drinks.

Certo FAQ

Does Certo work for all drugs?-Well, in theory it’s like a magic potion that should help you stay off the radar irrespective of what you have been snorting or pricking. But has never worked for me and there’s not enough information to verify whether it helps to clear drug tests for other drugs as well.

How long does Certo stay in your system?-The maximum window period that Certo claims to provide you with is three hours. So, the stomach lining if any, will be excreted in your piss or poo after that. Any and all traces of Certo should be removed from the system within 48 hours.

Is drinking Certo bad for you?-Your taste buds will be cursing you for sure. And you will need all your will to gulp that nasty shit down. Also, get ready to poop your gut out. Other than that, there are no known side effects of using Certo.

How Much Certo Pectin To Use?- There are many different versions, but most guide say you need one pack of certo liquid pectin, plus one bottle of gatorade (the yellow one).

Where To Buy Certo?– You can buy Certo in Walmart or in any big grocery store.

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