Stinger Detox Review: Does Stinger Work?

Does Stinger Detox Work


Stinger detox is a brand I’ve heard a lot over the years, but up till this point had never considered using because of its bad reputation. I decided to do a proper Stinger detox review to see what the truth is.

My concern is that although this brand of detox drink has been around for a number of years, there is virtually nothing about the company, the formula, or any indication it works, online. They are overall pretty elusive, despite the drink being sold in a lot of places.

So does Stinger detox drink work?

That’s the question I’m going to answer clearly few in this review, so that you know if you can pass a drug test using it, or not.

What Is Stinger Detox?

Stinger detox has been around for many years. It’s got a cool looking bottle, with a little steamy wasp on it. But after the packaging things go downhill.

For a start, it’s only an 8oz drink. Now I know the company claim it’s strong, because the products full name is Stinger Detox 5x instant extra strength.

But 5x the strength of what? They don’t do another product that single strength, so it’s a completely meaningless multiplier.

Going back to the size of the bottle, in every other brand of THC detox drink that I have ever known, the small 8oz bottles are only recommended for small people, or very light weed smokers.

You need a large amount of toxin removing and nutrient replacing liquid, which is why the high quality brands are always 16oz in size.

Now I’m not saying that Stinger have not managed to create a super concentrated detox drink, but considering the negative reviews online, I think it’s incredibly unlikely that it is the case.

Stinger Detox Ingredients

The Stinger detox ingredients list doesn’t fill me with confidence either:

filtered water, fructose, natural and artificial flavors, stinger mineral cleansing blend, creatine monohydrate, vitamin B2, (riboflavin), citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, guar gum. Total carbs, Sugars 1.2g, minerals may very slightly due to their natural source. Chloride 131mg, 4%, magnesium 24.5mg, 6%. all other minerals normally found in sea water <1% of each

Its main ingredients, as you can see, are water, fruit sugar and flavoring. None of the other ingredients have anything to do with detoxification.

The only thing which could possibly detoxify you is the elusive “stinger mineral cleansing blend” and what the hell is in that is anybody’s guess.

My guess is that it can’t be anything more than a few substances thrown together to give the illusion of a “secret” ingredient.

Plus, I didn’t even get the ingredient list from the company’s website. I had to take it from the review bottle I had bought.

In fact, there’s not even and “about” page on the company website, they are that elusive and impossible to find out anything about. Obviously that’s an incredible red flag.

Stinger detox review

Stinger Detox Instructions

In terms of the Stinger detox drink instructions, they are pretty straightforward.

You drink the 8oz bottle of Stinger detox drink in one go. You then refill the bottle and drink that water as well.

You then have to urinate at least three times in the hour after taking the drink, to flush out the toxins that Stinger is taking out of your body.

After that you will be clear to pass a urine drug test for up to 5 hours.

The other condition of using Stinger detox is that you should abstain from dairy products for two days before drinking the product, and also not add more toxins to your body.

The problem with those instructions is twofold:

  1. You don’t usually get 48 hours notice for a drug test.
  2. I’ve never heard of another detox drink that tells you to abstain from dairy products.

It feels to me a bit like a “get out clause”. Basically if you fail, when you complain, they will claim you didn’t follow all the instructions, which in my opinion are virtually impossible to follow in the first place unless you are a vegan.

Does Stinger Detox Work For Probation Drug Tests?

No, Stinger detox does not work for probation drug tests. In fact, it doesn’t work for any type of drug test.

I can say this with certainty for several reasons.

Firstly, my neighbor, who I regularly smoke with, tried it a while back. He hadn’t smoked quite some time when he tried it.

He followed all the instructions for using Stinger, and he tested positive for THC metabolites.

Secondly, Stinger Detox reviews online are pretty poor. Yes, you get the usual “It’s awesome.” Rubbish on Amazon, which are obviously paid fake reviews. But generally, real user experience seems to be incredibly poor.

Where To Buy Stinger Detox…..Or Don’t!

I really can’t recommend you even consider the question of where to buy Stinger detox.

You can buy Stinger at Walmart. Detox drinks at Walmart are all useless, every review that I have ever done recommends not to buy detox brands available at Walmart.

It’s cheap to buy, which means it doesn’t work. Quality detox drinks cost money.

On top of that, it’s cheap to buy on Walmart, Amazon and eBay. Again, it tells you everything need to know. The company are just peddling it anywhere they can at a low price, to try make money from a high turnover.

Stinger Detox Review : Conclusion& High Quality Alternatives That REALLY Work

Having said all that, it’s important to tell you that some detox drinks really do work.

But only a handful of brands have the ingredients that can truly help to flush toxins out of your system, and replace lost nutrients so that your sample appears normal.

These brands are not cheap, but they genuinely do work. I’ve done reviews all of them and use them myself in a live testing environment.


Alternatives to Stinger detox

The three brands of detox drink I always recommend are:

They are not cheap, ranging in price from around $50-$69. However you can get them cheaper with discounts on various websites.

Rescue Cleanse is made by the same company who make Oral Clear gum and Sub Solution synthetic urine. This tells you everything you need to know. It’s a high quality product, from a reputable company.

Mega Clean is also well-established detox drink brand. If you can get it with the six free pre-rid pills, then you really will stand the best chance of passing a urine drug test.

You take the pills the day before you drink Mega Clean, and they will help to flush out toxins faster.

You can order Mega Clean with pre rid pills from this site.

Ultra Eliminex is a newer detox drink. It’s the most expensive brand out there, but it’s also incredibly high quality. I’ve reviewed it, tried it and so other people and it really works.

You can get it for 65$, its on sale now.

None of these recommended detox drinks require you to do something stupid like not eat dairy products for two days before drinking them.

You can literally get told you are going for a drug test in two hours, drink the drink, and be sure you are going to pass the drug test.

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