STAT Royal Flush Detox Drink Review

I thought it would be a great idea to write a Royal Flush Detox Drink Review. I thought it was a good idea because this is a detox drink that was popular about 10 years ago, but it’s not any more.

Because there are not many current sellers, recent reviews and information, it’s tough to find out what’s in it, and how well it works. Which makes it important I think to change that with updated information from an impartial review.

Because a few online pharmacies sell it, and it’s also available on eBay still, there are obviously people searching for it and using it. Which means that it’s vital that some current information about its effectiveness is out there to help you make a great choice when you want to get through a drug test.

What Is Royal Flush Detox?

The company who make Royal Flush detox, Pro Active Nutra, makes some strong claims about the product including:

“Cleans blood, urine and saliva for up to 6 hours”

That’s an impressive claim for any detox drink product to make, especially for saliva.

You use it the same way as any other detox drink, by drinking it and also drinking water and then urinating several times to flush out the toxins. It claims you will then stay clean for about four hours, with peak time being the first hour.

The product sales page also states that larger men and women should use two bottles rather than one.

royal flush detox drink

Does Royal Flush Detox Drink Work?

Just a quick look at the ingredients tells you this will not work. It’s mainly water and the usual sugars and additives. There are very few active ingredients, and none of these are strongly linked to the better quality detox products out there.

To be honest some of the claims made on the company website are ridiculous. It talks about permanent cleansing, and fat cells leeching toxins back into the bloodstream as it wears off.

The other proof problem here is in terms of peer reviews. There aren’t any in volume or quality. It isn’t sold by very many websites, and obviously the company website is tightly controlled to probably only show positive reviews.

STAT Royal Flush Review: Conclusion

To be honest I couldn’t even be bothered to spend $29.99 testing a bullshit product that makes bullshit claims.

There is no body of evidence from people using it to suggest it works, and the bottom line is that the ingredients that could help you detoxify are completely non-existent in this drink. This is basically flavored water.

For a heavier person especially, the price is also crazy when you could buy a bottle of Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean for the same money.

Both Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean have absolutely tons of positive reviews out there, are sold on loads of reputable websites, and I have used them myself and can recommend them.

There was just no point in experimenting, or risking your job or freedom, by cutting corners on a product like this. I really hope anybody thinking about trying to pass a urine drug test using a detox drink will read this review and steer clear of Royal Flush detox drink.

The bottom line here at the conclusion of this Royal flush review is that it’s a scam and you should spend the money on a quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean.

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