Salvia Divinorum: It’s Not like Other Drugs

Think about your circle of friends; would you call them the “party” type? Some of them might be, but there are always a few who prefer a life a little more solitary, and there’s every level in between, too. Whatever the case, though, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find one friend who hasn’t at least heard of marijuana.

It’s pretty common, who hasn’t?

The same would most likely go for alcohol, LSD and also psyclobin mushrooms (though the last preface might elude some).

Interestingly, however, as one delves deeper into the population’s knowledge of all things which are “mind-altering,” it becomes clear that there is an untold plethora of drugs both discovered and manufactured by humans.

This list usually goes far beyond the list of drugs we are normally pushed to know and reject, too. In addition, some of these “other” substances are backed by almost no documentation or research, or so it would appear, but may cause the user to experience immensely strange effects.

Salvia Divinorum falls squarely into this category: the majority of people have no idea what it is, and countless others, besides hearing some rumors or urban legends, are for the most part uninformedsalvia divinorum.

This is perfectly understandable, too; a person trying to explore a world of psychoactives in the rusty taboo they remain as can be damaging to any reputation, whether it should be this way or not. Still, it is important to examine this widely unknown hallucinogenic substance, and why it has the stigmas and notions that it does.

Salvia grows as a plant in its natural form, but is still said to be one of the most potent natural psychoactives known to date. Those seeking its experience, however, usually opt to buy the leaves in a more concentrated form, called “extracts.” These can range anywhere from five to one-thousand times of increased potency, so caution is needed.

Salvia Divinorum’s Effects

When smoked, Salvia’s effects are reported to be comparable in intensity to LSD, but only lasting five to ten minutes (compared with an “acid trip,” which can last several hours). The most surprising part, however, is that this drug, whether in extracted form or not, is legal in the United States.

Because marijuana still remains as a Schedule I Drug, however, it is not surprising that there is already a good deal of support growing to outlaw Salvia Divinorum as well.

salvia divinorum effects

One of the ways many people have heard of this drug is through the YouTube videos of those using it. The general format these videos is as follows: one person, either alone or with others, smokes the Salvia, and “trips” for the duration of the video.

During this time, however, the person under the influence has almost no ability to articulate their speech, and balance and motor controls are greatly thrown off as well.

After the experience, many describe feeling very odd sensations such as “merging with the couch” or “becoming one with existence,” to name a few.

Despite its strong effects, Salvia is considered one of the safest substances to ingest, and it is believed to be less harmful to the body than caffeine. It is easy to look past this, however, and focus on the traits demonstrated by those in the videos after smoking the drug. These can include falling down and not getting back up, as well as a general loss of control, both mental and physical.

This has led many to worry about possible consequences of smoking Salvia Divinorum, causing some to take initiative to outlaw it, as well.

Brett’s Law” was created after a teenage boy, Brett Chidester, committed suicide, reportedly due to the effects of smoking Salvia. It was later revealed, however, that he had none of the substance in his system prior to his suicide, and that there were several other factors which contributed to his decision to end his life.

Salvia divinorum in hedshops

Saliva Divinorum’s Legal Status

The momentum had already begun, however, and several states began taking initiative to ban the drug. According to SageWisdom, 29 states have completely banned already and others. plan to outlaw it in the near future.

Salvia is a very strong substance, and one who’s legal status will most likely continue to diminish in the coming years, eventually reaching the category most other hallucinogens hold with the law.

Whether legal or not, however, it is a drug that undoubtedly needs to be treated with a respect for the effects it can have on a person. It is not “fun” in the sense that people consider smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol to be.

It seriously alters one’s state of mind, albeit for few minutes, and can be a very difficult experience at times.

However, when used properly, Salvia really can have some real, insightful purposes, and could definitey have a higher value than someone falling on the floor on a YouTube video.

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