Roadside Drug Test: How To Beat One | UK | Australia | Ireland

You might have heard that on 2 March 2015 the UK drug driving law was changed to make it easier to test and convict people found with high levels of 17 regulated drugs in their system, including cannabis and cocaine.

If you’re caught by a police roadside drug test then you looking at a minimum of a one-year driving ban, a criminal record, an unlimited fine, up to 6 months in prison and an 11 year endorsement on your license. So this is not shit to be taken lightly.

Even if you are cool with all that risk, then you have to think that it could damage your future job prospects, raise your insurance costs and even block your entry to some other countries.

But the thing is that it is actually easy not to get caught out. As long as you are not driving in a way that is going to kill someone which will show up on the police car camera or motorway cameras, then a simple trick will stop you ending up in a mess. So let’s talk about how to beat a roadside saliva drug test.

Roadside drug test how to beat

What Happens With Roadside Drug Testing UK?

Basically UK drug tests at the roadside became more frequent after 2015. The police do a mouth swab test, using equipment that tests down to 5ug/ml saliva, which means you don’t stand a chance if you have taken anything in the previous couple of days.

If you fail the roadside drug test you get taken to a police station and have to take a blood drug test, which will confirm more accurately what you have taken.

So the bottom line here is that if you anything but a casual user who has taken anything in the couple of days before you have to take that roadside drug test, then you are toast. So let’s talk about how to stop that happening.

Here’s How To Beat A Roadside Saliva Drug Test

It’s actually really easy to know how to pass a mouth swab test.

All you need in your car is a capsule of a saliva neutralising gum called Oral Clear, (you can read a detailed review here).

When you get pulled over you have a moment before the policeman arrives at your car door to pop a capsule in your mouth and chew it for 30 seconds. Then you swallow what’s left and your mouth will be clear of toxins for about 30 minutes.

As long as you’re subtle about it, the police will never spot you have put anything your mouth, and if they see you chewing and swallowing they will just think it’s food or gum. They have no way of proving you have taken anything to beat the roadside saliva drug test.

Be Prepared So You Can Beat A UK Roadside Drug Test

So look guys this UK Roadside drug testing could be a big deal for anyone who is a regular user. The tests they are using our highly accurate and can detect THC easily.

And the bottom line here is that all you need is to pop a capsule of oral clear into your mouth and you will be safe 100%.

The trade off here is that oral clear cost about $90 (about £60). But when your freedom, finances and future are potentially at stake then that seems small price to pay to me?

Under these new UK laws, if it goes to court the prosecution doesn’t even have to prove that your driving was impaired or dangerous. Simply presenting evidence that you had high levels of toxicity in your system is enough to prove you could have been impaired and therefore find you guilty.

So do yourself a big fat favour and make sure you carry Oral Clear in your car.

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