Review Of The Synthetic Urine Belt – Whizzinator Touch

I have had to take many  tests in my day. Unfortunately, I have failed some of them, but I have also passed all of my recent and I owe it to one product. The state-of-the-art product is known as the synthetic urine belt or Whizzinator Touch. Below, you will learn more information about this product and how it was so beneficial for me!

What Is The Whizzinator Touch?

This product is a prosthetic strap on penis with a vinyl pouch that holds fake urine. It basically straps on like a jock strap and it is designed to fit up to a 54 inch waist. Upon the purchase of this product, I also received several different accessories including the penis, synthetic urine, syringe, heating pads, and an instruction manual. The Whizzinator Touch is held to a higher standard than the fake urine belt that can be purchased on Amazon.

Variety of Colors

One of the most amazing things about this synthetic urine belt is that it is available in several different colors. You do not have to worry about being a black man and whipping out a white penis to take a leak. This would give you away immediately. However, in most cases the medical professional will not actually be able to watch you pee in the test cup, but they very well can stand right behind you.I could select from white, Latino, brown, black, or tan. As you can see, this was incredibly beneficial and helped me look a lot more legit and little less awkward.

How The Whizzinator synthetic urine belt works?

When it comes to synthetic penises, you usually have to flip some kind of switch to make the urine come out. However, the manufactures of this product have really stepped up their game. There will be no more flipping switches to get the urine to come out, instead all you have to do is squeeze the top and the bottom of the penis head and the urine will begin to flow. Located inside the head of the fake penis is a pressure release valve that opens, when you squeeze it. Thanks to this new revolutionary invention, there is a much less chance that I am going to get busted trying to alter your drug test. Please also read my synthetic urine review.

Heating Pads

Most people fail when trying to alter a  test, because the urine is never the right temperature. This is something I constantly stress to my buddies, who wish to pass a piss test. With the Whizzinator, this isn’t a problem and I’ll tell you why. The vinyl pouch will be in contact with the skin, which will help with providing adequate temperature, but the heating pad will also help. I was able to attach the heating pad to the vinyl pouch and help heat up to urine to the desired temperature.

You should know that it takes 1 hour to heat the urine to 96 to 100 degrees, which is what the temperature of natural urine should be when it comes out of the body. The urine will stay heated to this temperature for around 8 hours. This gave me a lot of peace of mind, since I knew that urine would seem legit to the testing technician.

Does the whizzinator work ?

Yes it does! As you can see, the Whizzinator Touch is no ordinary fake urine belt. It is also very comfortable to wear and it will not cramp your style, in the least. I can highly recommend this synthetic urine belt. You might ask “where can i buy a whizzinator”? Check out their official site. Or use Monkey Whizz incognito belt. Its much cheaper and works the same way. 125$ including synthetic urine (worth 75$). A whizzinator costs over 150+ urine.

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