Rescue Detox ICE Review – Does it work?

You’ve got to hand it to Rescue Detox ICE. At least they spent some time packaging their product. The bottle looks innovative and the branding is attractive.

The White background with the Magenta crushed cranberry on the label and the bold letters ‘Herbal Supplement with B Vitamins’ makes it appear like a professional grade product.

How good is it though?

This Rescue Detox Ice review was made easier by one of my close friends who had recently cleared a urinalysis. He had used it and beat the test.
Does that mean that the product is effective in helping you detox or flush out drug metabolites? Not entirely.

Rescue Detox ICE Review – The first impression

Rescue detox ice reviewRescue ICE Detox is available in two distinct flavors. Which one you choose will also depend on your bodyweight and the amount of toxins in your system. For people above 200 lbs. who smoke a lot, there’s the Cranberry Mangosteen flavor which has Mangosteen extracts in addition to Cranberry and Pomegranate extracts.

All three ingredients are known for helping flush out toxins from the system via urine. So, you can expect to piss like a horse after gulping this down.

In addition to the herbal extracts, Rescue Detox ICE also contains B Vitamins which are essential to give some color to your urine preventing it from being busted for being too dilute.
If you are allergic to synthetic colors, you’d be glad to know that it does not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

Rescue Detox ICE directions

Using Rescue Detox ICE is pretty straight forward. You need to avoid smoking for a few days running up to the actual test. Drink a lot of water, exercise normally and then on the day of the test gulp down the full bottle, refill it with water and gulp that down too.

In an hour, you will be ready to submit your sample at the lab.

Special instructions include drinking this on an empty stomach. You cannot eat or drink anything at least 5 hours before you are scheduled to drink the detox liquid. Also, the bottle is a whopping 32 oz. That’s a far cry from the compact pint-sized detox solution bottles that one is used to.

So, you will be drinking almost 2 liters of liquid in very little time. Get ready to piss like a horse.

How effective is it?

Toxin Rid 10 days detoxAs I mentioned earlier, a friend of mine recently vouched for the effectiveness of Rescue Detox ICE. But he forgot to mention to us that he was on the fifth day of a complete detox program from Toxin Rid when he used Rescue Detox ICE as a backup method.

He did beat the test and got the job. But I doubt if it was indeed due to the effectiveness of Rescue Detox ICE. Far too many factors to consider over here.


Firstly, Toxin Rid alone is a very effective detox product and their five-day program is as comprehensive as it gets. Even heavy smokers with extreme toxin levels have used the 10-day program from Toxin Rid and cleared the test.

Would Rescue Detox work for you when used as a standalone detox product? I doubt. But club it with Toxin Rid and you have an unbeatable combination. For best results, try the 5 day detox program at least from Toxin Rid. For more info on detox drinks check out this post.

I personally recommend:

These are the best detox drinks on the market.

I hope you found my Rescue Detox Ice review useful, in my next article I will review Magnum Detox instant flush.

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