Rely Detox Review | Read before ordering!

I get a lot of questions about how detox drinks work. People ask what they do, and if they really can detox quickly using these drinks to pass a drugs test.

I’ve already tried and tested Test Pure Platinum, so having given it a few days gap, I’m now ready to give Rely Detox a review.

Rely Detox drink is made by Total Eclipse, and you can buy it from GNC. So I thought I would give it a go to see if it does what it claims.

Rely Detox Review – what’s in it?

rely detox reviewTotal Eclipse Rely Detox range contains ingredients that they claim are designed to work in unison to provide a toxin removal “system”.

Although the ingredients all sound great, such as dandelion root, juniper berry extract, ginger root, milk thistle seed root and other cool stuff, the thing that makes me laugh is how any of these are meant to help with detox?

They claim it will help to promote the detoxing process, giving you a natural, effective and fast way of eliminating toxins in the body so that you can pass a urine drug test.


How Does Rely Detox Work?

All these types of detox drinks are roughly the same. They basically dilute your urine and color it by adding vitamin B12 to it. Without this your pee would be virtually colorless, and that’s a red flag in a drugs test.

But the big point here is that they don’t detox you. Although they might flush you out a little bit, what they are actually doing is masking the toxins in your body, often for an incredibly short time window of a few hours.

So it might work, or it might not, it depends how much you drink, and if you get lucky I think. I would never rely on a detox product like this, especially when there are better alternatives out there.

So Why Is Rely Detox A Fail?

I tried the Total Eclipse Rely Detox maximum strength version. I wanted to see if the stuff would work on a home drugs test.

Bottom line is, I drank it according to the instructions and timescales from GNC, took the test and failed. That could obviously be a one-off, but I’m really skeptical. And I will tell you why. On their website they tell you that if you are “serious” about passing a drugs test then you should use their “insurance” capsules before using Rely Detox.

total eclipse rely detox drink Which to me means that if you don’t buy the pills and take them as well, then they are saying you may well fail, even if you take the maximum strength version.

The bottom line here is, who is not serious about passing a drugs test?

Are we just taking this stuff for fun and taking the tests for fun?


If you have to buy a product and then back it up with another product to stand a chance of it working, and that’s a serious fail as far as I’m concerned.

On top of that, the reviews are very bad generally. If you look at the GNC reviews, you see that there are a few suspicious positive reviews on the front, and all the negative reviews are pushed down to the bottom of page 9.

Is Total Eclipse Rely Detox Detectable?

I will be honest in closing here that it doesn’t matter if rely detox is detectable not. For me it’s an epic fail as a product, and no better than a bog standard $20 detox drink from Amazon.

The reviews are awful, there are no detailed instructions on use, no money back guarantee, nothing of substance at all.

I’m just not convinced by it, I’ve tried it and failed, and I can’t recommend Rely Detox. There are much better alternatives out there.


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