Red Vein Borneo Kratom Review: Effects, Proper Dosage

 Red borneo kratom powder

Kratom can be an incredibly powerful, affordable way to feel better and achieve more, but it can be very confusing because of the myriad of different types of kratom that are available. Because of this, it’s frustrating that a good red Borneo kratom review is so hard to come by.

The effects of red Borneo kratom can vary a lot, depending on the quality, quantity taking, and you as a person. But those effects are also within certain parameters, which means that you can target whether red Borneo kratom will be right for you, whatever dose you need.

Although Borneo kratom comes in white, green and red vein varieties, most people tend to experiment with red Borneo kratom, which is why we’re going to focus this review on that strain.

As well as giving you the lowdown on what to expect using Borneo red kratom, what dose to take, and how to get the most out of it, we are going to conclude the review by telling you about two sources of very high-quality red Borneo kratom, that are affordable.

What Is Red Vein Borneo Kratom?

Unsurprisingly, red vein Borneo kratom originates from Borneo. It’s a large island that is actually split between three countries, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indonesia has the highest ownership of land mass on Borneo, and that is where most of the red Borneo kratom is produced. Indonesians have a long culture and great skill in producing this kratom.

Red vein Borneo kratom is sometimes confused with red vein Bali kratom. There is confusion around it being the same strain of kratom, and having the same effects. But they are two distinctive types, and should not be confused.

What Are The Main Red Borneo Kratom Effects?

Generally, red vein Borneo kratom has a less stimulating effect than green or white vein Borneo kratom. This means that the effects overall are more relaxing than uplifting.

These relaxation effects are generally less pronounced in red vein Borneo kratom than other red vein strains, for example red vein Thai, or red vein Maeng Da, which tend towards sedation and pain relief.

At high doses, red, white and green vein kratom are all overwhelmingly sedative, but the range of this high dose varies greatly.

In terms of the effects of Borneo red vein kratom within this spectrum, at an average dose, it can be very relaxing and pleasurable. While relaxing, it’s not sedating, and allows you to remain alert and function.

Basically, red vein Borneo kratom is a relaxant primarily. Not overbearing, and not as potent as some other strains, so it’s actually quite a good introductory strain, if you are looking to relax.

So if you are looking for the best kratom for energy and euphoria, red vein Borneo is not the strain to experiment with.

This makes red vein Borneo kratom ideal for people who:

  • Have anxiety and wish to relax slightly
  • Wish to lower their pain levels, without feeling sedated
  • Have a desire to feel more chilled out, but still retain focus
  • Who are heading into a stressful situation

So generally, Borneo red vein kratom is good for reducing anxiety, relaxing you, and still retaining the focus to get on with things. This can boost your mood, and basically make you feel pretty good.

red borneo kratom review

Red Vein Borneo Kratom Dosage

Because red vein Borneo kratom is great for relaxation, you don’t need a very high dose to achieve this result.

At higher doses, red vein Borneo kratom does become sedative, which is the feeling most people want to avoid when using this type of kratom. Red vein Maeng Da is much more suitable for that level of sedation at a medium dose.

However, there are stronger types of red Borneo, including ultra enhanced, concentrated strains, which require a lower dose to achieve that relaxation, and which at high-dose can produce high level of analgesia and sedation.

A mild dose of red vein Borneo kratom is usually accepted to be 1-2 grams (1 gram is equivalent to 0.03 oz). Moving up to a moderate dose of 3-4 grams, a strong dose being 5-6 grams, and potentially overwhelming dose anything above this level.

Of course the tolerance level can be different, depending who you are, and some people can regularly take as much as 8 grams and still retain relaxation without sedation.

As a beginner, it’s recommended to start with a single gram, and then up this each time, until you find your sweet spot, which in most people is around 3-5 grams.

Kratom doesn’t taste very nice. That’s the truth. So when it comes to ingesting your dose of kratom, most people mix it with something more palatable.

Red vein Borneo kratom, mixed into a fruit smoothie is a popular thing to do in Asia. Others sprinkle it over food, and some people simply mix it with water or tea and drink it rapidly.

Red Borneo Kratom Review: Side Effects And A Word Of Warning

The first point to make about red vein Borneo kratom side effects is that generally, kratom, nor any other substance, should be used to counter the effects of clinical depression.

If you suspect you have clinical depression, or are on medication for this, you should speak to your doctor, rather than self-medicate using a substance which could counteract, or adversely interact with, existing medication, or negatively altered brain chemicals.

The side-effects when using kratom are generally the same, it’s just the dose which will make them kick in more viciously, depending on the type you take, and the person you are. Some people may not experience any side effects, even at high dose, while others may.

The most common side effects of using red Borneo kratom include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Tolerance
  • Loss of sexual desire

Another side effect related to tolerance is the potential for addiction. Although the potential for addiction is low, if use of kratom is consistent, effects can become less pronounced, meaning tolerance has been achieved.

This can lead to a continual increase in dosage, which can lead to an addiction, a race, to achieve the effects. It’s therefore recommended to avoid this unwanted problem, by making sure that your use of any strain of kratom is occasional, rather than more days than not.

In terms of nausea, one of the main side effects of kratom generally, the quality of the kratom is key here. The better the quality, the more you can take, while still avoiding a feeling of nausea. That’s why it’s important to buy kratom from trusted source only!

Where To buy Borneo Red Vein Kratom Powder

As you have now seen, quality is very important when it comes to buying kratom generally just like alcoholic drinks, poor quality leads to a less satisfying taste, experience, and can lead to worse after-effects.

Great kratom, from a high quality retailer will definitely make the experience more pleasurable, and lessen the chances of side-effects or an unpalatable comedown.

During my journey, I have tried ,many different brands of red Borneo kratom powders. Some have been very poor, and some excellent.

When it comes to consistency, online stores I can order from with complete confidence, to deliver rapidly, and always supply great quality red Borneo kratom, then these are my two highly trusted resources.

  1. BuyKratom

Red vein borneo kratom powderThis is a fantastic place to buy high-quality red vein Borneo kratom that delivers relaxation without sedation.

BuyKratom sell the most fantastic horned red vein kratom. This is a hybrid type of Borneo kratom, that is grown in the kalimantan region of Borneo. It gets its name from the horned shape of the leaves on this variety of kratom tree.

It’s intense, rich and smooth in the effects it produces. I use it to relax, and balance out anxiety, and it really does the job brilliantly.

On top of selling this fantastic red Borneo kratom powder, you get rapid delivery, with free 2-3 day delivery on orders of over $50. That’s great because you don’t have to order that much to benefit from this postage offer.

The guys at this company are also receptive to questions, have great levels customer service, a strong reputation, and in my dealings with them, the red Borneo kratom powder they sell has always been exceptional quality.

Red Vein Borneo kratom powder

  1. CoastlineKratom

One of the most well-established kratom sellers anywhere, these guys have a strong pedigree and I’ve dealt with them on more occasions than I can count.

They sell something I don’t buy that often, which is ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom powder. It’s the strongest experience you can get in the red Borneo kratom strain. You don’t need to buy very often, because it lasts a long time.

It’s a very fine, refined kratom powder, that is sourced from only mature kratom trees that are grown organically and sustainably in Borneo.

It’s made by boiling down red Borneo vein kratom resin, to create an intensity and concentration you can’t get from standard powder. It then has additional extracted alkaloids added, to enhance its sensations.

It’s a fantastic experience as well. You do have to be careful about how much you take, but it does mean that your purchase will go a long way.

So I have to conclude this red Borneo kratom review by telling you that whether you want a smooth standard experience, or the upgraded ultra enhanced experience, red Borneo kratom is perfect for smoothing out anxiety, improving your mood, and making you feel ready to deal with pretty much anything.

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