Recovery Clean Review: Do These Detox Pills Work?

I was passed a bottle of Recovery Clean detox pills a while ago, and to be honest I was so unconvinced that they could ever work that I put them away in a drawer and forgot about them until the other day.

But I decided that if I’m going to be serious about helping people with detox solutions then I have to review everything out there, so doing a Recovery Clean review was essential.

So what’s the deal with Recovery Clean, and is there any chance that they could really flush your system of  THC to get you through a drugs test?

Recovery Clean Review

Recovery Clean: Ingredients

The first thing I did was open up the bottle to see what Recovery Clean detox pills look like. It seems to be a low quality product because half of the pills were broken. I’ve never seen that before and I certainly hadn’t broken them myself.

So visually and in terms of quality I was already wondering how a $22 pill could be the real deal.

The people who make recovery clean say it can help you detox toxins in the body and also support your immune system.

They claim it’s great for flushing your system of prescription drugs and things like caffeine and alcohol. But crucially they also state on the Amazon sales page that recovery clean detox pills will not help you to pass a drugs test.

Now some people might take that as a way of getting round regulation, I kind of think it’s just the truth.

So in terms of the ingredients, there are apparently 70 trace minerals and other substances in the pills, including goldenseal root extract which is a popular detox product ingredients. But generally the ingredients I recognized do not have any track record of being able to help you pass a drugs test.

Does Recovery Clean Work?

The red light flashed even brighter for me when I had a look at the Amazon sales page and saw the claim that Recovery Clean pills have a unique negative electrical charge in them which can pull out toxins from the body.

According to the company, it can flush THC out, but it takes two weeks and a ton of water. Which means that you wouldn’t be able to smoke and you have to drink like a fish. But the point is if you just give up smoking for two weeks then you will pass a standard lab urine test anyway, unless you are an incredibly frequent smoker.

To be honest I didn’t even try them. But when the claim is it takes two weeks, what’s the point?

Recovery Clean detox pills

Recovery Clean review: Conclusion & Alternatives

Look I have got to be honest and say that you’ll probably get exactly the same detox results simply by drinking a lot of green tea. It has many of the same properties as these pills and costs about a 10th of the price.

So I can’t recommend you spend even $22 on recovery clean.

The best detox pill I’ve ever found to get you through a drugs test is Toxin Rid. I’ve used them, tested them and they work.

Whether you try Toxin Rid or any other type of detox pill, I’m afraid that putting recovery clean in the ring with any of them is always going to result in a knockout.

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