Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I’m pretty skeptical about how effective these off-the-shelf detox drinks are for getting rid of the toxins that can be detected in a drugs test.

Rapid Clear Detox XXL claims it can get you through a lab drugs test. When you are forced to take a drugs test that your job or more depends on, you want to make sure you’re standing the best chance of passing it.

So what’s the truth about this detox drink?  In this Rapid Clear detox drink review I’m going to find out so that you send the best chance of passing that test, or avoiding wasting your money.

What Is A Detox Drink Meant To Do?

Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review

Okay bear with me, this is the science bit.

When you smoke or whatever, toxins from it gets stored in your fat cells. Then they sit there until the body burns that energy. At that point, the toxins you in your bloodstream will get expelled through the skin, kidneys and in urine.

What Rapid Clear claims to do is inhibit the body’s ability to metabolize the toxins, making them absent from a urine sample for a short space of time. But can a drink that contains some pretty unremarkable ingredients achieve this?

My Test Of Rapid Clear Detox XXL

I received several different detox drinks to review. I got bottles of Jazz detox, Chump flush detox, rescue detox ice and rapid clear.

So my bottle of rapid clear detox was free, but if you are going to try it will cost you $29 which is quite an outlay and why I wanted to see if it worked.I couldn’t pass this on to one of my friends to try for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with, so I had no choice left but to test it myself.

I followed the instructions, I didn’t smoke any weed for two days, I drank the contents of the bottle plus a 16oz glass of water and then waited 45 minutes. I avoided sugary food and drink and urinated frequently prior to the test

Then I tried a home drug test kit. The test was positive.

So it didn’t work for me even following the instructions to the letter. I do smoke quite often, and it does say for light to moderate smokers, whatever that actually means.

On top of that it’s only meant for a body of up to 200lbs, but I’m skeptical if you took twice the dose it would make any difference to anyone heavier.

Is Rapid Clear Detox On GNC?

I think a really telling thing is that Rapid Clear Detox XXL is not available on GNC anymore, just a lot of small independent sites with some mighty claims.

So I’m guessing that GNC ditched selling it because of negative reviews and dying sales.

Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review: Conclusion

What can I say, this didn’t work for me. I’m no genius but I’ve tested an awful lot of things that claim to get you through a drugs test and this just doesn’t feel like it’s going to work, and I will be amazed if anyone genuinely has got through one just using this stuff.

I followed the instructions and failed the test. It really is that simple. For me there have to be a lot better and safer alternatives out there if you seriously need to get through a lab drugs test.

You could risk it with a better quality detox drink, like Ultra Eliminex (for heavy smokers), Rescue cleanse or Mega clean , you can read some detox drink reviews here,but I think the only way you ever going to virtually guarantee passing a standard test is to go for some synthetic urine.

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