Spectrum Labs Quick fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review: Will It Pass A Lab Drug Test?

Quick fix reviews

Quick Fix is one of the best-known, and most often trusted, brands of synthetic urine on the market. But questions remain about how good it is. In this Quick Fix review, I’m going to tell you exactly what’s in it, how it works, and if you can use Quick Fix to pass any type of lab test.

It has a great reputation, but there are other brands out there on the market. Does Quick Fix urine live up to its billing any more, or are you running a risk, compared to newer brands.

So let’s do a detailed review of Quick Fix 6.2, and compare it to a couple of other synthetic urine brands on the market, one well-established, and another a relatively new kid on the block.

What Is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix has been around for a long time, it’s one of the top brands of synthetic urine you can buy to help you pass a drug test. It’s also referred to as Quick Fix plus, but the plus product is simply a larger bottle size.

The reason it’s one of the top brands is that the formula has changed regularly over time.

The problem with getting around a professional lab drug test, is that the lab testing has got better.

In the old days, they would just check the sample for basic validity, the right temperature, and make sure it wasn’t a diluted sample.

But now they check for a hell of a lot more. They check for a lot of the basic chemicals found in real human urine.

So it can’t just look and smell like the real deal, it has to contain the biological markers a lab will look for.

But does Quick Fix synthetic urine have all these ingredients?

Quick Fix Ingredients

 where to buy quick fix synthetic urine

Quick Fix 6.2, the latest formula of Quick Fix, looks, smells and froths like the real thing, to put it crudely.

On top of that, it contains both urea and uric acid. Some manufacturers will claim that they are the same thing, but the truth is they aren’t.

As drug testing has got more advanced, so has Quick Fix, now being its eighth formula, which does contain both of these biological chemicals.

But let’s focus on how important urea is first. It is a waste product that is created as the body breaks down proteins.


These are then excreted mostly through urine. Real urea is close to 50% nitrogen, and it has to be constructed correctly to have the correct balance to pass as real test. Quick Fix achieves this.

Generally, the Quick Fix synthetic ingredients and composition that make it likely to test is a real sample are:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Correct pH
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Creatinine (another natural waste product)

Are Quick Fix Reviews Real? Does It Really Work?

Of course you want to know whether Quick Fix will work, and how often Quick Fix plus failed people in a real world drug test.

Well, as we have already said, Quick Fix 6.2 is a very high quality synthetic urine, that contains all the real markers that a lab will check for to see if it’s a real sample.

The bottom line here is that the evidence for Quick Fix working to pass a standard lab drug test are overwhelming. I’ve used it to pass a drug test myself at Labcorp. And I have a friend who passed one last year at Quest Diagnostics.

On top of that, for the purposes of this Quick Fix review, I took a look at loads of reviews online, on forums and other types of website that are impartial, and the evidence is that Quick Fix will get you through a lab drug test at any of the big lab testing facilities.

Having said that, there are reasons that Quick Fix plus can fail a drug test, meaning there are occasions when using Quick Fix at Labcorp, or any other professional facility, could be problematic.

Can Quick Fix Plus Fail?

Now having told you how brilliant Quick Fix is at passing a standard drug test, I’m now going to warn you about the times when Quick Fix failed. Not for me, because I used it right, but these are the situations in which people could fail a lab drug test using it. [alert-note]

  1. The sample of Quick Fix is submitted at the wrong temperature.

Human urine is between 90°F and 100°F. If your sample is hotter or colder than that, then it will be rejected. Just as an interesting side note, the lab technician must test the temperature within four minutes of you handing him the sample, so watch carefully for that.

  1. You bought a fake bottle of Quick Fix synthetic urine.

If you get it from somewhere unauthorized like Amazon or eBay, then there is a chance that someone has made a fake Quick Fix bottle and package, and filled it up with a cheap fake urine alternative. It does happen, so watch out for that. I would suggest you only buy it from a reputable seller, and I’ll give you some of those in a moment.

  1. You could have submitted a sample for an expensive drug test.

Although standard drug tests only look for a certain range of markers to test if the sample is real, some companies, and law enforcement, pay for a more expensive type of drug test that is more rigorous. So you could be caught out if the drug test looks for more markers. On top of that, some of the better drug tests check for artificial ingredients that are common to all synthetic urine products.

  1. You could have bought a bottle of out of date Quick Fix.

Just like real urine, fake urine will spoil over time. If it’s out of date, then it could well be spoilt, which will alter the chemical balance in it.

On top of that, if you open the bottle and let the air get to it for too long before you submit it, that could also spoil the sample. Another reason why not to buy quick fix from amazon or ebay.[/alert-note]

Instructions For Using Quick Fix

Quick fix 6.2 failedSo now you understand what Quick Fix is, how it can pass a drug test, and why could fail a drug test, let’s look at the instructions that will make sure you submit a sample correctly.

Firstly, you need to it up. The best way to do this is in a microwave.

Just put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, take it out, give it a shake, and then look at the temperature strip on the side of the bottle to see what the temperature is.

If it needs more heating, put in for another few seconds and repeat the process.


Once it’s at the correct temperature, you can activate the heat pad you get with Quick Fix, and strap it to the side of the bottle using an elastic band. This will keep the sample at the correct temperature for a few hours.

If you don’t have access to microwave, you will have to activate the heat pad, and then strap it to the side of the bottle. After that, you’ll have to wait for it to reach the right temperature, but be warned this could take as long as an hour.

Secondly, you just need to keep it discreetly on you, close to your body to maintain the heat, until you submit the sample. As long as it’s an unobserved drug test then you will be fine.

Thirdly, you need to submit the sample correctly so you don’t get caught. When you get behind the screen, or into the cubicle, get the bottle out, give it a gentle shake to distribute the heat and ingredients, and then check the temperature.

If it’s not the correct temperature you are in trouble, but as long as it is, you can pour into the specimen container and then submit it. For more info on synthetic urine (tips,tricks) click here.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

As I’ve already said, I only buy Quick Fix urine from a reputable seller. So let me tell you where to buy Quick Fix synthetic urine so that you don’t get caught out with poor quality product.

The recommended shops for me, where I always buy quick fix synthetic from are Quickfixsynthetic and Buyfakeurine.com.

Both of these sell Quick Fix at a great price, and they have a fast turnover, which means they are never selling older product. I’ve used them for quite a while, and I thoroughly recommend them.

Alternatives To Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2

As I said right at the start of this Quick Fix review, it’s one of the best synthetic urine products on the market.

However, there are a couple of alternatives, should you not be 100% convinced, or you can’t get hold of Quick Fix.

A relatively new product out there that getting good reviews is called Monkey Whizz.

Monkey Whizz Review

I’ve known people who have passed a drug test using Monkey Whizz, and the buzz online is good about it as well. It’s a relatively new brand, so you won’t find as many good reviews as Quick Fix, but it’s certainly worth considering, especially as the price is good.

The other alternative, the number one brand of synthetic urine out there, which I’ve also used several times, and done a detailed review of, is called Sub Solution.

Sub Solution has the most complex fake urine formula on the market. It’s more likely to pass an advanced drug test, as it contains more chemicals that are found in real urine, and less chemicals that are checked for to spot a fake sample.How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

A lot of people prefer Sub Solution because it also uses a heat activator powder, rather than a heat pad. So you don’t need a microwave, and right up until the moment you submit the sample, you can pour in the powder, agitate the sample, and increase the temperature.

But it does cost more money. One bottle of Sub Solution costs 80$, you can buy it from their official website.

But for a general drug test, my conclusion at the end of this Quick Fix review is that it’s definitely a product to have in stock, and for an everyday test, like a pre-employment drug test, it’s pretty much going to guarantee you pass.

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