Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 Review 2020

QCarbo16 is a very well-known detox drink for THC and has been used for many years. Lots of people swear they have passed a professional lab urine test using only QCarbo16 to flush out the system prior to taking it.

But I wanted to do a proper Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 review because I’ve become more more concerned about negative reviews I’ve seen on sites like Amazon. A lot of real people seem to be saying it doesn’t work.

So what’s the truth? Does QCarbo16 help you pass a drug test or not?

Qcarbo16 Review

The QCarbo16 instructions for use are pretty simple. You just drink it on an empty stomach, urinate several times during the first hour after drinking it and you should then be detoxed enough to pass a urine drug test.

So it’s pretty standard in terms of how it is consumed. You should also drink a lot of water before the day of the test as well, but it’s a bit vague as to how much you should actually drink. Drinking too much water can dilute your piss to the point that it will fail as a specimen.

Qcarbo16 review

Does QCarbo16 Work?

I think I should be upfront here and say that I am a heavy set person, and a regular smoker. So obviously that could be the reason why I failed a home during drug test after taking QCarbo16 detox as instructed.

If you are a lighter person, or a woman, and you smoke only occasionally then yes it could help you to pass a drug test.

The basic principle behind any of these detox drinks for THC is that the combination of water intake, mixed with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals these drinks contain, temporarily speed up your metabolism and flush the system so that your urine sample will be clear of toxins. However, evidently this wasn’t the case for me using Qcarbo16.

From my own test and the evidence of the Amazon Qcarbo16 reviews, I just think that this isn’t a good product and unless you are an incredibly light user, it’s almost certainly a surefire fail.

QCarbo16 Detox: What Else Can You Do?

Herbal Clean also do a large 32 ounce version of Qcarbo. It costs $20 more, it might be an option.

However I’m still skeptical and I would obviously have to do a trial with that product to be entirely sure.

There is a promo going on, you can get a Bottle of Qcarbo32 with Herbal Pre cleanse tabletts for only 50$.

What I always recommend are Ultra Eliminex (for heavy smokers), Rescue cleanse and Mega Clean, these are excellent detox drinks.

In terms of what you could do to help you pass a drug test, the obvious solution is to get synthetic urine. It’s much more reliable if you buy a quality brand such as Sub Solution or Quick Fix 6.2. Basically, unless you get caught out, or submit a sample that is too cold, it’s going to be impossible to fail.

If you are going to try to get through a drugs test with QCarbo16, then I would strongly suggest you take some detox pills for weed in the days leading up to the test as well. Toxin Rid or Herbal Pre Cleanse formula recommended, and they will give you a much better chance of passing the test than by using QCarbo16 alone.

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