Puriclean x2 Review

It was just the other day that my friend came to visit me and we got talking about detox products. We have both tried a load of detox drinks as working smokers, and know from our experiences and other people’s information that they can be very hit and miss.

He knows that I have a detox product review blog, so he had decided to bring along a couple of bottles of Puriclean x2 so we could do a double person test. I’ve obviously heard of Puriclean x2 double strength detox, but haven’t had the chance to buy and try them.

So thanks to my buddy, this has given me the chance to show you exactly why most Puriclean x2 reviews are wrong.

What Are Puriclean x2 Pills?

My buddy bought a couple of boxes of Puriclean x2 pills the other month, just before  a pre-employment drug test. He was being employed by Dollar Tree. But he learned that they don’t actually drug test applicants, which is why he brought along his boxes of pills for us to test.

Basically it’s a box that contains four pills. I will go through the instructions a minute, but that and a plastic drinking container are basically all you get for your money.

Lots of people swear by Puriclean x2, so I decided to take a look at the instructions in detail to make sure that we did a proper test.

Puriclean x2 Review

Puriclean x2 Instructions

Puriclean x2 instructions are really straightforward to be honest. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill included bottle with purified water and drink
  2. While you drink, take the green and yellow capsules
  3. Refill the bottle and drink while taking the clear capsules
  4. Urinate frequently

As you can see, that’s pretty standard for any type of detox product, whether it’s a ready mixed drink, or what this basically is, a drink that isn’t premixed.

Puriclean x2 Review: Does it Work?

As usual, this is the million-dollar question.

Me and my buddy both have similar body types, and we are pretty similar in terms of our smoking habits as well, a few times a week.

We tested this together so that we had a double result. Neither of us had smoked before the test, and we followed the instructions precisely as well.

The results were that I passed a home urine drug test, but he failed. So it was a 50% success. Looking on Amazon, reviews are pretty much balanced between good and bad as well, so I think that tells quite a definite story.

Alternatives To Puriclean x2

You can’t trust Puriclean x2 every time unfortunately. It looks like it will work for some people, or it will minimize the toxins some of the time, but it’s not a concrete method of passing a drug test.

What you need is a detox drink with a real strong track record, and for me it is definitely it has to be Rescue CleanseMega Clean or Absolute Detox. They are simply the best drinks out there, and will give you 100% safety for those few hours you need it.

You could try Qcarbo if they aren’t available to buy when you need them, but I really wouldn’t trust Puriclean x2 reviews that say it works, because my experience is that it’s a lottery.

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