Pure Detox Drink Review

In my last article where I did a review of Total Stealth detox, I also mentioned that a few people have asked me about a cleansing product called called Pure Detox drink, asking basically does Pure Detox work?

So I decided that I will also do a Pure Detox drink review, to answer that question.

I’ll tackle this review in much the same manner as the last one as well, because that seemed to work.

Pure Detox Drink Instructions & Claims

pure detox drinkThe first thing to say is that the Pure Detox drink website is far superior to the Total Stealth one. It is very modern, young looking, has a responsive design and comes across as very professional.

I think the warning sign I first noticed on the website is that some of the language is very poor. Even on the main page of the website there are basic English errors, not the sort of thing you would expect from a high quality detox drink product website.

The first warning sign for me on the product itself was in the frequently asked questions where the question does Pure Detox work was answered with:


“Over the years millions of people have successfully used our products”

Millions of people? Really? Huge flashing red light alert for that claim right there!

I think the second warning sign to me about its ability to detox your body is in the instructions. They want you to drink a gallon of water for two days before you drink Pure Detox, abstain from fatty foods, and urinate frequently. If you don’t immediately urinate frequently they then advocate you keep drinking water until you do.

Basically you’re going to detox in some way just by flushing system through like that, but there are no specific claims about what makes this drink detox.

On top of that I got another huge flashing red light because of its upselling. You can buy regular strength Pure Detox for $29.95, extra strength for $49.95 and maximum strength for $59.95. For 50$ you can get a bottle of Rescue Cleanse 32Oz what is one of the best detox drink for drug test. So the basic question I would ask is what makes regular strength only half as good as maximum strength? What’s the benefit for the price? It’s just pure upselling, hoping people will go for the top product, when if it does is it claims then it should be one product that just works.

Does Pure Detox Work At All?

Pure detox drink reviewWell that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it. And I think the truth is that if it really did work every time, or even a lot of the time, then it would be a million-dollar product. But it’s not.

I didn’t test this product but one of my friends did when he needed to detoxify for a job interview. He tested the regular pure detox drink. He did a home urine test a couple of hours after drinking it and came back positive. No surprise. Later he passed the test with Mega Clean&Toxin Rid combo.

He is a heavy smoker and he does have a large body mass, but if this is so cool as a product then I’m amazed he came back with a positive urine test result. Yes of course that’s not scientific, but if this product is so good for the money paying then it really should work most of the time.

So in terms of a real-world test I can see no evidence that it works. I’ve also done some research online online and there is not much buzz about this product, and the reviews and comments from buyers seem to be insanely positive, pointing to paid reviews.

On top of that, a lot of it seems it is the obvious advertising trying to build up a reputation for the product, there are much better THC detox drinks out there.

I think I have no choice here but basically to close this Pure Detox drink review by saying I’ve seen no evidence it works, and plenty of evidence of what you getting for nearly $50 is a very expensive bottle of flavored water, and you will be better off just flushing your system out with free water from the tap. For heavy smokers I suggest:

Ultra Eliminex(strongest one), Mega Clean ,Rescue Cleanse , Qcarbo32 with free detox pills or Absolute Detox.

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