Pickle Juice Drug Test Method Review

There are quite a lot of home remedies out there which claim to help you pass a drug test. One of the big questions people ask, one of the common home remedy questions is, pickle juice: drug test success guaranteed?

I’ve had a lot of experience with home remedies, both in my early days and from hearing people telling their own stories.

Answering the question does pickle juice help pass a drug test, could be really helpful for a lot of people out there who are facing the worry of a drug test, probably for employment, but maybe for probation, and who are scrapping around wondering how they can pass the test.

So let’s talk a bit about drinking pickle juice the night before a drug test, and answer the question if it can  help to pass a drug test, talk about home remedies generally, and see if there’s alternatives out there that are better for you to try.

Method: Drink Pickle Juice Night before A Drug Test

Drinking pickle juice to pass a drug test is a method some people have actually used. The basic principle behind it in terms of the process, is to drink the pickle juice the night before your drug test.

I guess on the upside it’s cheap, about three dollars for a big jar of pickles.

On the downside, the night before your drug test you have to drink down about a gallon of this foul tasting stuff.

So it’s cheap, easy to obtain and there is no complicated instructions. You simply drink the pickle juice night before your drug test, and whatever is contained within pickle juice will somehow drag the toxins out of your body, or in some way neutralize them so that they don’t get picked up by the drug testing lab.

Pickle Juice Drug Test

Any Science Saying Pickle Juice Could Detox You?

When it comes to working out if there is any evidence at all that justifies using pickle juice for a drug test, there seem to be two basic theories around why it could work:

  1. Pickle juice contains acetic acid. The theory is that acetic acid will change the pH of your urine. That may actually be the case, but who cares? It doesn’t matter what pH your urine is, the drug testing lab is looking for the presence of drug metabolites. On top of that, a strange pH will make them even more suspicious.
  2. Some people claim that pickle juice can remove the THC from your urine. This may be the case to some degree. Yes drinking a large amount of liquid you will flush out some of the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract for a short space of time. But the chances of you flushing all the metabolites out using pickle juice are pretty small.

So basically I’m going to just state here that drinking pickle juice to pass a drug test is never going to work. There’s no science to back it up, and the truth is you could actually be causing more harm than good.

Apart from diluting or changing your sample, which could fail it or arouse suspicion, is also the problem with side effects.

Pickle juice is pretty potent stuff. It can cause dehydration, which can create excessive thirst and vomiting, two more things which could mess up your urine sample. On top of that, it can cause stomach ache, diarrhea, flatulence, muscle retention, raise your blood pressure, and even put strain on your kidney function.

So for God’s sake just stay clear of even considering using pickle juice the night before drug test.

Home remedies Don’t Work!

I’m hoping that dismissing pickle juice as something you can drink to help pass a drug test will make you realize my more general point about home remedies already.

Home remedies don’t work. They are not going to help you pass a drug test.

Drug toxins run around your bloodstream and attach to the cells in your body. Over days and weeks they pass out through your bladder and bowels. It takes time, or specialist ingredients, which cost money, to speed this elimination up or mask the toxins.

You can’t shortcut things, save money, or cut corners, by trying to use home remedies to pass a drug test. All you might do is mess your body up even more, or end up submitting a sample that gets rejected.

pickle juice night before drug test

Pickle Juice Drug Test Alternatives That Work

When it comes to passing a drug test, using pickle juice for a drug test simply won’t work, and home remedies will work either, but here I’m going to tell you exactly what can work:

  1. Do a natural or assisted detox

A natural detox will take several weeks if you are a weed smoker, because THC can linger in the body for up to a month in some people. In other drugs it is a shorter space of time, but you still really need at least two weeks to be really sure.

To do a natural detox, you need to abstain from the drug taking, eat well, sleep well, exercise and give your body time.

You can assist a natural detox by taking a high quality detox pill like Toxin Rid. It won’t pass a drug test overnight, like people claim drinking pickle juice the night before drug test will do, but if you have three days or longer, it will help. Toxin Rid can speed things up by about 20%, so it can help a natural detox, or it can help if you are planning to use choice 2.

  1. Use a high quality detox drink

A high quality detox drink will set you back about $50. The only brands I would recommend are:

You drink a detox drink on the morning of your test and it will flush out the toxins passing through your bladder, replace the nutrients this removed, and give you a small window of opportunity, a handful of hours, to submit a clean sample.

If you can detox naturally for the couple of days before that, and boost things using Toxin Rid, you can expel more toxins, meaning the detox drink stands an increased chance of expelling the rest.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

  1. Synthetic urine

Your third choice is to submit a completely fake sample. This means buying some high quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or Quick Fix.

These two brands have all the natural ingredients in them to pass basic drug testing standards. On top of that, Sub Solution contains a patented heat activator powder, so you don’t even need a microwave and heat pad, which makes it ideal for on the spot testing. For more info, check out my ” synthetic urine review ” article.

The bottom line is if you are having a drug test tomorrow, then drinking pickle juice to pass a drug test is nuts, your best bet is to buy high quality detox drink, or some synthetic urine and take the element of chance away.

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