Learn How To Pass A Hireright Drug Test Easily

Hireright Drug Test

Hireright is one of the largest drug testing companies, like the more well-known company in the USA Labcorp.  So going for a Hireright drug test is a common occurrence.

Having come across this company, and heard a lot about them, I decided it was time to do a Hireright drug test review. The aim is to help people who might be going for a pre-employment drug test, or who were already employed and might face a drug test administered by Hireright.

So what’s the deal? Is it easy to pass a Hireright drug test, and if so, what do you have to do to get a clean sample?

What Is The Hireright Drug Test?

Hireright are a large drug testing company in the USA who can deliver drug testing for an employer through several methods:  [alert-note]

  1. The interviewer collect’s a sample from a mouth swab or urine submission, and then sends it off for analysis.
  2. The interviewer collects a sample and test it on the spot using testing equipment supplied by Hireright.
  3. The interviewer can arrange for potential employee to visit a Hireright site, or third party site, to submit the sample.
  4. Hireright can provide mobile drug testing through sending a technician with the equipment to any location desired. This is rare though as it is expensive, so is not widely used unless a serious incident occurs, or group testing is required. They are however, on standby 24/7. [/alert-note]

Hireright Drug Test Locations

In terms of actual Hireright drug test locations, they have access to 20,000 facilities across the USA. They are not all owned by Hireright though, they include third party collection locations as well.

So you can’t be complacent in thinking that as there is not a Hireright drug test location near you. You can’t assume that you are safe because you think it will take a couple of days to get the test setup.

As we’ve already shown, drug testing kits can be supplied, the actual sample can be taken by anyone, and they have mobile technicians who can travel anywhere.

hireright drug test review

Is There A Hireright Drug Test Cut-off?

In terms of a specific Hireright drug test cut-off, the only one that applies as a specific testing cut-off point is if you are injured on the job.

It’s a legal requirement that employers administer a drug test as soon after an accident as possible. It’s recommended within two hours, with a maximum eight hours. However, legally, you have to take the sample within 32 hours of an incident.

So there is a Hireright drug test cut-off of 32 hours after an accident, because this is legally enforced.

However, don’t think that if you are in an accident you can just lay low for a couple of days and be okay. Hireright have mobile technicians who can come and collect a sample, and even test on the spot. Which means they could come to your home, which your employer can demand.

Alternatively, your employer could come to your home and collect a sample, which is again within the legal terms of most employment contracts. So even if you are off work sick, you need to be prepared if you are going to pass a Hireright drug test.

What Types Of Drug Test Do Hireright Administer?

Hireright are a full-spectrum drug testing company, with a huge number of Hireright drug test locations, and trained mobile technicians. On top of that, they provide kits and training to allow employers to administer their own drug testing, or to send samples in for rapid testing.

In terms of the types of drug test that Hireright are involved with, it’s basically all of them. Hair drug testing, urine sample drug testing (urinalysis), mouth swab drug testing (saliva), and also the rarely used blood sample drug testing.

Hair drug testing is the one to be really afraid of, because it’s the most difficult to avoid detection from, and is also a difficult one to avoid. However, these are rarely used by employers, due to the cost, and the fact it doesn’t show very recent use.

Blood testing is not very good either, because it’s invasive, has to be done by a trained technician, and in addition it doesn’t have a long detection time. Drug metabolites tend to leave blood quite quickly. However the exception to this is THC metabolites from weed smoking, which can linger for a much longer time.

Hireright urine test

How To Pass A Hireright Drug Test

So now that you know that more about Hireright drug test’s abilities, let’s look at how you can pass a Hireright drug test.

Hair Test

Hair sample drug testing is the most difficult to pass. A length of hair equal to 3 months growth is taken from the head. The most recent seven days use cannot be detected, but any drugs taken more than seven days ago are retained in the hair sample for the whole three months, meaning you will get found.

The only way to beat a Hireright hair sample drug test is to use the Macujo method. It’s pretty intense, but it’s possible to use it to clean the drug toxins out of your hair. Click here to learn more about how you can pass a Hireright hair follicle drug test using the Macujo method.

Saliva Test

Mouth swab drug testing is commonly used due to the fact that anyone can take the sample and test it, and its lower cost. However, most drugs are only detectable in saliva for about 48 hours, and a lot of them for even less time than that.

So unless you were doing something last night, your saliva should be metabolite free anyway. The exceptions to this are if you’re a heavy, or frequent user, or you smoked weed, because these metabolites can stay in saliva for a bit longer.

To learn exactly how you can pass a Hireright saliva drug test, click here.

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Opiates

Urine Test

By far the most commonly administered drug test, which is also the majority of Hireright drug tests, is urine sample drug testing.

It’s the most popular because it offers the most flexibility. Anyone can take the sample, testing facilities are widespread, and there are even test kits available for trained people to administer on the spot. It’s cost-effective, and it shows drug use for up to a week.

Most random drug testing is also urine drug testing. This makes it difficult to beat, because you won’t have much time to be able to take countermeasures.

In order to beat a Hireright urine drug test, you will need to use a high quality detox drink or synthetic urine.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

In terms of synthetic urine, the best one to use is Sub Solution. There are several reasons for this:

  • It uses heat activator powder which heats the sample in seconds
  • You don’t need a heat pad or microwave
  • It’s the most complex formula that mimics human urine
  • It doesn’t contain biocide, artificial preservatives that might be detected

Using Sub Solution, all you need is a couple of minutes alone, at your locker, or elsewhere where you are not seen, to get the heat activator powder into the bottle containing the fake urine.

The other option is a high-quality detox drink. The ones I was recommend are Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean. If you have an hour then you can pass a Hireright drug test using one of these high-quality detox drinks.

You simply drink the detox drink, which will flush out the toxins, and replace the lost nutrients, making the sample appears natural. Urinate frequently to flush the toxins right out, and then you have a few hours in which was sample will be clean.

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