Palo Azul detox tea Review

In my previous post I promised to write about Palo Azul detox tea, so here is my detailed review.
Detoxification methods, especially ones involving the use of herbal teas skyrocketed in popularity a few years ago when a couple of Chinese teas were first discovered by the kimono-crazy western population.

This was a time when everything oriental was considered to be good for the body. The initial buzz died down soon enough and marketers were soon scouting again for mysterious shrubs and herbs from exotic locations that could be peddled for a good buck.

Enter Palo Azul, a little-known herb from South America that was traditionally used as a remedy for kidney ailments. Tea brewed from the bark of the herb became the buzzword for good health and before you knew, some genius came up with the theory that being a detox tea, it could help you beat a urinalysis by flushing out THC metabolites from the body.Now, I am all for good herbal teas.

They come with tons of benefits and can do you a whole lot of good.

But, I absolutely despise self-concocted unproven theories that attribute mythical qualities to ordinary products.Google ‘Palo Azul detox’ or ‘Palo azul drug test’ and you’d know what I mean. For crying out loud, Palo Azul detox will not help you beat a drug test. Period.

Why Palo Azul drug test method won’t work

Palo Azul detoxAs always, I will try and back up my claims with scientific facts. Firstly, let’s take a plunge into a cup of hot Palo Azul detox tea.

The tea is made from the bark of the Eysenhardtia polystachya herb. It is also known as ‘Kidney Wool’ because of its traditional use in helping relieve kidney stones.
The primary ingredients in the herb are coatline A and coatline B which are flavonoids which protect the body from free radical damage. The other notable ingredient is beta sitosterol, which is a plant based sterol which gives the herb the sweet, vanilla-like smell.

Palo Azul is a mild diuretic which helps to eliminate fluids from the body. Other than this, it is also a mild hypoglycemic that helps to treat low blood sugar. The Palo Azul drug test rumors stem from its diuretic properties.

If any diuretic in the world could help you to remove THC-COOH from the body, then government agencies would probably make it mandatory to undergo a blood and hair follicle test as well along with a urinalysis. The fact is that it isn’t as simple as it seems.
There are lot of factors that can affect the time that a drug metabolite stays in your body. This includes the amount of marijuana that you use, your BMI, your body fat percentage and the amount of time that you have been clean for.

If you were a heavy smoker, then all tea in China may not help you beat a drug test. On the other hand, if you were a casual smoker, then even a week of detox and exercise will help you ace a test.

My experience with Palo Azul detox tea

palo azul drug testAfter reading glorified Palo Azul detox tea posts by noobs who do not even have a single post to their account name, I decided to put the tea to the test myself. I have been smoking like a chute for the past 25 days or so. I did some research on how to use Palo Azul for drug detox and how to make Palo Azul tea.

I head out to this Mexican grocery store in the neighborhood and bought myself 4 oz bags of Palo Azul bark. It’s cheap stuff and easily available too.

According to the instructions, I boiled the bags in a gallon and a half of water for about an hour or so and then strained the liquid.

To ensure that nothing interfered with the ‘effectiveness’ of the herb, I didn’t even add sugar or lemon or any external ingredient. It was just water and the tea.

I began sipping on the tea all through the course of the night. Sipped the remainder of the tea throughout the next day. After about 24 hours, I tested myself with a home drug test kit and failed the test.

I repeated the experiment again with a stronger dose of Palo Azul and ended up with a more concentrated concoction. Same result though. Failed the test!
I did piss like a horse and most of the pee was so watered down that any lab would trash the sample at first glance. So, Palo Azul didn’t work for me.

How to use Palo Azul

But, if you still want to waste some money and risk a job anyway, here’s some information on how to make Palo Azul detox tea. Just boil the bark or the tea bags in a gallon of water, let it simmer for about an hour. There you have your tea.

Even if it doesn’t help you clear the drug test, there are some Palo Azul tea benefits. For starters, it will refresh you. I attribute that to the tannins in the tea. Secondly, it tastes good. And yes, you will piss your gut out.

But that’s about it. If you have a drug test, save your money and look for something that works rather than relying on hearsay and stuff like Niacin and Palo Azul.

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