Monkey Whizz Review | Fake piss for drug test

In my previous synthetic urine post I promised a Monkey Whizz review, because it’s getting more and more popular,so here you go:

When it comes to keeping your job or freedom, and avoiding that “I’m in real trouble!” feeling, if you are required to have a drugs test, then you need to know you going to stand a decent chance of passing it.

And that isn’t easy if like me you are into the odd smoke or night of partying. Which is why people make so much money out of synthetic urine products, and why people are always looking for the best fake piss for drug test.

There are several awesome brands out there like Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.1. But I wanted to do a Monkey Whizz review because it’s another brand that seems to produce results.

So what’s the truth?  Does Monkey Whizz pass or fail a drugs test?

Monkey Whizz Review

What Is Monkey Whizz?

In terms of its construction, Monkey Whizz is much like the high quality but incredibly expensive Whizzinator. They aren’t from the same company, so don’t get confused.

Monkey Whizz is unisex, meaning it doesn’t contain a fake penis to use. You can get a Monkey Whizz “dong” kit which does allow you to do this, but the basic synthetic urine kit is unisex, coming with a tube and tap fitting.

Monkey Whizz contains:

  • A 3.5oz pouch of synthetic urine
  • A medical grade a elastic belt
  • A high-quality syringe
  • 2 x organic heat pads
  • Full set of instructions

How To Use Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine

It’s really easy to use Monkey Whizz, even in the pressure situation of a drugs test. You just need to make sure that the elastic belt fits tightly so that you don’t have it slipping around at the key moment.

I would suggest you even go as far as doing a couple of test runs before you consider wearing it in the pressure situation of a drugs test.

So all you have to do is put the urine into the belt, then open up the heat pad and stick it on to the bag, making sure it’s fitted securely between the belt and the bag so that the heat is consistent.

Then it’s a simple job to check the temperature strip before use. One of the biggest reasons people can fail a basic piss test is because the sample is at a temperature that is inconsistent with the body.

Human urine leaves the body at around 98°, and just having the monkey whizz belt around you will bring it close that, but the heat pad is specially designed to bring it up to 100°. If you activate the heat pad an hour before your drugs test, then you will give yourself the best chance of being able to give your sample at the correct temperature.

So Does Monkey Whizz Work?

No synthetic urine product can ever 100% guarantee you will pass a drugs test. Let’s say that upfront. But I’ve had success with it and others of also reported success using Monkey Whizz (Serious Monkey business synthetic urine), so yes it can work. It contains all the attributes you need to pass it off as a real sample.

  • Contains uric acid
  • Very accurate color
  • Correct pH
  • The correct specific gravity
  • Heat pads are designed to get a really accurate temperature
  • Temperature strip is easy to read under pressure

Fake piss for drug test

I’m going to level with you here, in terms of having a reported monkey whizz fail, yes it happens. You might read reviews saying it’s foolproof, but the quality under a detailed lab test may not be enough.

Monkey Whizz Review: Conclusion & Alternatives

Monkey Whizz is high quality synthetic urine that will get you through a basic lab test. It contains all the right chemicals, looks and smells right and is easy to dispense at the right temperature.But the bottom line here is I have to be honest and say that you get what you pay for. It’s $39 and it’s okay.

You can order it here.

But if I was really under pressure then the number one product I would reach for is still Sub Solution. It’s simply the best fake piss for drug test out there, its construction is far more close to human urine than anything else.

Number two, I would go for Quick Fix 6.2, the new formulation is even better than before and close to the level of Sub Solution. For more details on Sub Solution and Quick Fix, click here.

But yes, if you don’t have access to those two, and don’t want to spend $139 on Whizzinator, then for a basic piss test sample Monkey Whizz will probably do the job.

You can order Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt with urine for 56$ here.

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