Medicinal Marijuana Use

Medicinal marijuana has been a topic of hot debate for the past decade and especially now, with even more pot activists coming out of the wood work.

Every one and their momma seems to have an opinion on the subject. Now it is time for you to hear mine. So do not take it the wrong way, but this is my point of view on the whole topic of legalizing marijuana.

When the FDA classified cannabis as a Schedule One drug with “absolutely no medical use or purpose” there was much controversy.

The current federal law in the United States of America is that THC, Marijuana, and all cannabis products are currently illegal to grow, own, possess, or distribute. Twenty-nine states allow for limited use of marijuana for medicinal purposes such as California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Vermont.

In my opinion, cannabis is like an alcoholic cigarette. It has the same adverse health effects as a cigarette and it has an affect similar to alcohol intoxication. Both alcohol and cigarettes are legal to possess, sell, and use provided you are above the legal age limits to purchase them.

So if a marijuana is like a cigarette that gets a person drunk, why should we ban the use of cannabis and not alcohol and tobacco.

Medical marijuana

My only problem is that unlike alcohol, there is no way we can field test a person to see if they are under the influence of marijuana. Sure a urinalysis will show the presence of THC in the system, however, it will only show if the smoker has been smoking marijuana in the pas two weeks or so.

If such a test could be developed for use by law enforcement purposes, that would allow them to tell if drivers are impaired by marijuana use, then I would be all for restricted use of marijuana for all people of the legal age.

THC has been used by many cultures for its pain relieving properties. It can remove nausea and has been used to aid eating disorders such as anorexia. The FDA stating that marijuana has no medicinal use or purpose is just a load of garbage.

There have not been enough studies done by reputable organizations to determine if that fact is true or not, mainly because of government restrictions on marijuana testing.

Medicinal marijuana would produce thousands of new jobs nationwide. It has already created thousands of new businesses in the 29 states that medicinal cannabis is grown and sold. The amount of money made from taxing it would number in the billions, increasing our country’s fiscal budget by a small amount.

Pot also relieves stress and tension. If stress goes down, then the number of stress related hospitalizations will decrease and sub sequentially, lowering health costs. At the very least, it would stem the rise in health care costs.

Less stress means lower blood pressure and lower anxiety. Who wouldn’t want that?

But as for medicinal pot smokers?

I believe that Congress should repeal the ban on marijuana for medical use and in addition, I believe they should allow THC research to further discover the benefits of cannabis products. It can be a great pain and symptom reliever (I can neither confirm nor deny how I know this).

If properly regulated, medicinal marijuana shows great promise and it could provide just enough push to help stimulate our already weakened economy. Possibly, it might even reduce the number of stress related hospitalizations and subsequent health care costs.

Lets face it… who has time to be stressed when they are baked out of their minds?

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