Marijuana: Ilegal Weed or Legal Pharmaceutical

Our society is being faced with questions as to the relevancy of medical marijuana. Is this a new miracle cure or is it still just an illegal drug?
This new member to the pharmaceutical world wants to stand on its own with the many testimonials that can be found for its valuable use. But it still hits a brick wall when those who remain fixed on the programmed lessons of the past. Reefer, the killer of all who intake. Or is it really an actual cure for the world of sufferers?

State after state is making the choice to use this as another weapon in their state’s arsenal of medicines. Countless people will testify that it is the one thing that saved their lives, while as with everything there are those whom say that this was the ruination of their lives.

But the facts still remain that for those who suffer from chronic pain will literally try anything for just a minute amount of relief. Just as a cancer patient will try anything just for aid in eating when chemo robs them of the desire.

medical use of marijuana

The number of medical cannabis card holders rises everyday from state to state. The website Medical Marijuana reported on February 24, 2011 that even children as young as 2 ½ year old Cash Hyde from Montana are reaping the benefits of the curious oddity of medical cannabis.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing countless medications that did not prove to be of enough assistance, little Cash’s parents turned to cannabis to assist their small son. To their belief it was of substantial benefit to their son by aiding in his appetite (which was vacate for over 40 days)

Cannabis, a completely natural product that comes from the Earth itself, still stands up against the numerous anti-drug activists.

The truth remains in the fact of your condition, are you a chronic pain sufferer, do you have cancer or are you dealing with any of the many medical conditions that cannabis is felt to treat or not.

If you are then you probably will agree that it is something to be considered, yet if you are one of the fortunate who suffer from nothing then even considering the possibility of benefits is something you won’t look at.

Illegal drug to be hidden or legal pharmaceutical can be argued until the end of time while there will always be some who disagree, it’s human nature. Truly it is hard to remove the programmed thoughts that still remain in our culture that marijuana will always be the reefer madness culprit of the past.

Yet the actual benefits need to be given a chance. Why not? If it is something that can help even one person should the public not at least think about it?

So while the arguments for both sides remain firm in their belief of the harms and the cures of marijuana, we as an educated society need to follow through with the proper research.

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