Magnum Detox instant flush review

Back in 2000, there was but one single drug user forum on the internet which was overcrowded with weed users struggling to find unbiased information about beating drug tests. Cut to 2017, there are hundreds if not thousands of such forums doling out what they believe is the holy grail of weed usage.

That stands true for detox products as well. We all started off with Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse because there was nothing else that worked. Today, hundreds of detox solutions clamor on drugstore shelves.

Not to mention that online marketing has become aggressive. Yet, how many brands can we really vouch for when it comes to beating a urinalysis after smoking weed for a month?

It’s still Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

Mega clean detox drink

So, recently there was some hue and cry on the forum about Magnum Detox Instant Flush, a detox drink that claims to be godsend for weed users. That’s why I decided to write a Magnum detox instant flush review for you guys.

According to the manufacturers, you can cleanse your body (including your blood, saliva and urine) instantly with Instant Flush, no need to avoid toxins 48 hours before using it. It can flush out toxins even if your body has extreme toxin levels and your body weight is up to 340 lbs.

Jeez! Talk about harping through your ass!

Magnum Detox instant flush review

Magnum detox claims that you can continue to smoke weed in the days leading up to the test or when you plan to use their detox product. You don’t need a pre-cleanse as is the norm even with ‘Toxin Rid’ which happens to be the most effective detox product ever.

Any experienced weed user who has used detox products to beat a urinalysis or a blood test would know that these claims are too good to be true.

And they have a money back guarantee as well. So it has to be true. Doesn’t it?

Good luck trying to fight it out with these guys and getting your money back. Inside tip – read up on the fine lines. That’s where the money is.

My experience with Magnum Detox

magnum detox instant flush reviewMagnum detox Instant Flush is available in both 16 and 32 oz. bottles in different flavors. The grape flavor with the violet colored liquid is apparently their bestseller with some very bad reviews to its credit. I will come to that in a bit.

Pretty much like their claims, the Magnum Instant Flush detox liquid is quite different in the taste and consistency. It is really thick which makes it very very difficult to gulp down. If you are used to drinking the ‘Gatorade-like’ detox liquids, then you are in for a nasty surprise. This is cough-syrup thick.

Once again, Magnum claims that this helps the liquid bond with the toxins in your system. Give me a break!

So, after a lot of effort, I finally managed to gulp down the bottle of magnum detox. And almost instantly, there was a loud gurgling sound in my tummy. I spent the next two hours in the toilet and nearly pooped my gut out.

After three hours, I took the test and gloriously tested positive for marijuana usage. I didn’t have the will to go through that ordeal again, so I only took the test once.

The customer reviews

Magnum Detox Instant Flush is manufactured by the guys who manufacture Magnum Synthetic Urine, another crappy product that has helped thousands of weed users get busted with their samples.

And if this doesn’t make things clear, read up on Amazon. There are a lot negative Magnum detox  reviews there. If I were you, I’d give this a miss and spend my money on products that work.


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