Does Lowe’s Drug Test New Employees?

As the second largest home improvement chain in the USA, it is no surprise that Lowe’s is always looking to employ lots of people. Because of this, you stand a good chance of getting a job interview with the company, but the downside is if you smoke marijuana for example then you will be worried if Lowe’s drug test potential new employees.

I could go into a moral outrage here about how ridiculous it is that so many companies in the USA like Walmart and Lowe’s force drug tests on their employees, which is completely at odds with almost the entire rest of the civilized world, and how ridiculous it is in its cost against any benefits that companies get from it, but I will refrain from doing that. Actually I haven’t!

But anyway, what you want to know is does Lowe’s drug test, and more importantly does Lowes drug test on the day of interview.

Does Lowe’s Drug Test Before Hiring?

Does Lowes Drug Test New EmployeesThere are kind of two questions mixed into one here. The first question you need know the answer to is does Lowe’s drug test on the day of interview?

The second question you need know the answer to is does Lowe’s drug test before hiring?

You see, the two are the same but actually different.

You can go for an interview and not be hired, and you can also pass the interview and still not be hired. So where does taking a drugs test sit in the Lowe’s employment process ?

Reliable information from various reports, from lots of people who have had an interview with Lowe’s for any job type in the company is that there is a drugs test. But that drugs test is not on the day of interview. But it is done before you are hired.

Basically you go for the interview and if you pass it then you will be invited to go for a drug test.

You see, there would be a cost to Lowe’s to do a drugs test at interview, because only one applicant is going to get the job.

What Happens When You Have A Lowe’s Drug Test?

So you’ve been invited for a drugs test. Congratulations that means you’ve may be got the job. But now you have to actually pass the drug test, which is going to be the hardest part of the whole process if you happen to smoke marijuana for example.

You will be invited to intend a drugs testing center near to you. You will get a phone call and you will be invited in usually a couple of days after interview, and will be given a couple of days notice for the appointment.

It’s reported that the drugs testing centers that Lowe’s uses do both urine drug tests and saliva drug tests.

Does lowes drug testI have to say that the evidence from talking to people who have had an interview with Lowes, plus anecdotal evidence from YouTube, Reddit, and drug user forums is that quite often nowadays it seems to be a simple urine drug test.

But whichever one is, you need to be prepared. If it is a urine test then the good news is that it is unsupervised.

So the easiest way to pass is to get some good quality synthetic urine ready to deliver. For more details check out my detailed synthetic urine review.

If it’s a saliva drug test then the easiest course of action which seems to work is simply to make sure you stop smoking four days before the test, so make sure you stop smoking before you have an interview.

Then make sure you brush your teeth and gums thoroughly several times a day, and also use Listerine or another good-quality mouthwash several times a day as well. So yes, Lowes does drug test, be prepaired!

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