Lawmakers Take Action To Ban Synthetic Urine

synthetic urine in laboratory

With the use of drugs up across the nation, more and more people are turning to synthetic urine to ensure they pass their drug test. Lawmakers have decided to act by banning synthetic urine. More about that revelation will be explored in greater depth below.

Why Synthetic Urine?

First and foremost, you should learn a little more about synthetic urine. Why has it become so controversial? Well, you should know that synthetic urine is actually very effective for passing a drug test.

This is the case, because it actually continues uric acid. This type of acid is naturally found in human urine. And, it is something that analysts look for when attempting to determine whether or not the urine sample is legitimate. Since consumers know that they’re able to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, the popularity of these products has soared.

Now, several states have decided that it would be a good idea to ban synthetic urine.

Urine Trouble Act

Several states have decided to act and try to ban synthetic urine. Mississippi is one of the states that comes to mind. Willie Bailey, who is a representative for Mississippi, recently spoke out against synthetic urine. Willie Bailey and his comrades intend to pass a bill referred to as the Urine Trouble Act.

This bill will address the issue of synthetic urine. The bill ultimately passed the House, but failed in the state’s senate. Many other states have gone ahead and tried to pass similar legislation of their own. More about that will be provided below.

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Other States

As mentioned above, there are several other states that have tried to pass similar legislation. In fact, there are 17 states in total. They include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Arkansas, Georgie, Kansas, Indiana and Michigan. Missouri, North Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and West Virginia have done the same.

These states have pending legislation, which will ban the sale and usage of synthetic urine. The key here is pending. This means that the legislation has not yet gone into effect.

Validating Samples

It should be noted that some labs actually test the validity of the urine sample. Quest Diagnostics does just that. This laboratory tests the urine to ensure that it is human and that it has not been tempered with. This company is really one of the few.

There are many other labs that do not perform specimen validity testing and this means that a lot of people can still pass drug tests using synthetic urine.

The Makeup Of Synthetic Urine

So, why is synthetic urine so effective? Well, it works exceptionally well, because it has the ability to mimic human urine perfectly. Synthetic urine consists of mainly water. That water is combined with creatinine, yellow coloring and salts.

This makes it possible for the synthetic urine to pass the eye test. When you look at synthetic urine, you will not be able to tell the difference. This is also done in hopes of ensuring that the synthetic urine is able to pass basic specimen validity tests. This has created a problem for employers and lawmakers. They aren’t sure how to deal with the issue.

Obviously, employers want to use urine tests. It is cheaper and easier than many of the alternatives. It also offers quicker results. Still, there might be a solution to the problem.

How Employers Can Adapt

It may very well be possible for consumers to adapt to the ongoing use of synthetic urine. First and foremost, the experts recommend that employers begin using a more diverse testing program to test their employees.

There are plenty of other drug testing options out there, such as blood, salvia and hair drug testing. They might be more expensive and less reliable, but having a mixture can make a big difference.

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