Jerry G method 2020 review

A decade or two ago, there was this secrecy about Marijuana usage and detox techniques. It was quite widely used, no doubt about it. But the talks about beating drug tests were often veiled and hidden from the general public.

Cut to today, people are posting on social media about methods to beat urine tests for boasting rights.  And there’s always someone watching you online.

I am not sure if it’s connected but more and more employers these days are recommending the hair follicle test over a urinalysis. The moment you hear that it’s not a simple urine test, panic sets in.

And you resort to some of the unverified methods that sadly, have gained a lot of fake credence in the recent past. One such method is the Jerry G method.

Jerry G method Review

jerry G methodThe Jerry G method has recently resurged on drug user forums for reasons unknown to me. So much so that it is now being called the de-facto method to beat a drug test over other and safer methods like the Macujo method.

To give you some backstory, Jerry G was a member id on who came up with this ridiculously toxic method to beat a drug test and given his seniority on the forum, the method became quite popular.

But this was a decade ago. Times have changed. We have easier and better methods.

What’s worse is that the Jerry G method can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

What is the Jerry G Method?

The Jerry G method is a way to break down the outer layer of the hair follicle which is called the cuticle and flush out the drug metabolites from the inner layer which is called the Cortex.

Like the Macujo method, Jerry G recommends a way to penetrate the cuticle (outermost layer of the hair follicle) and help remove the drug metabolites from the Cortex layer.

However, it is the method and the ingredients themselves that are toxic for your hair. You have to bleach your hair, use any hair dye that contains ammonia and back it up with Toxin wash shampoo, which in itself is pretty effective even when used as a standalone method.

How does the Jerry G Method work

It is an 8 step process and the first and most important step is to stop using Marijuana at least 10 days before the test.

The complete Jerry G method consists of 8 steps. You start by stopping Marijuana at least a week to 10 days before you are scheduled to undergo the hair follicle test.

If the test is sooner, then you can try and increase the frequency of the procedure and in effect, damage your hair faster. That’s why Macujo is more popular.

For the first timer, here’s how the method works.

  1. On the day after you stop using Marijuana, you dye your hair with a hair dye that contains Ammonia. There’s no workaround to this. The dye must contain ammonia. Now you wash the hair with toxin wash.
  2. On the day before the test, you repeat the same process again. So, you have bleached and dyed your hair twice.
  3. On the day of the test, apply baking soda on your hair, wait for a while and wash your hair with Toxin wash again.
  4. Last but not the least; wash your hair with Ultra Clean Shampoo and go for the test.

That is the method recommended for casual smokers. If you smoke regularly and/or your hair is longer than 6 inches in length, then you will have to repeat the same process many times before the test.

What you need for the Jerry G method?

This entire method is built on the premise that it’s dirt cheap.

Barring toxin rid shampoo, everything else is readily available in a drug store too.

But what good is it, unless it is effective? And why would you want to pinch pennies when its your job at stake?

Is the Jerry G method as effective as the Macujo method?

jerry g method failedIf you expose your hair to chemicals that are so harsh multiple times in a day, it will break down for sure. And you just may pass the test. Although that’s a huge ‘may’. The Jerry G method’s success rate is low. One thing is a given though. Your hair texture, quality and color will go for a toss. By the time you reach for the test, you will look like weirdo with wiry hair strands standing on the edges.

I have been privy to some very serious side effects of the Jerry G method that led to guys going skinhead for a long time.

The question is, why even attempt the Jerry G method when you have a much safer and faster method in Macujo? There’s no ammonia, no bleach either! The only specialized ingredients that you need is a bottle of nexxus aloe rid shampoo original formula that contains Propylene glycol and any shampoo with salicylic acid.

To sum it up

Jerry G is an obsolete, risky and toxic (for the hair) method that may or may not work. The jerry G method for hair test is NOT recommended. If you have a hair follicle test, don’t think twice and go for the Macujo method.


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