Jazz Total Detox For Drug Test| My Review UPDATED 2020

jazz total detox for drug testNine members of the weed forum that I moderate met last week in Vegas for an unofficial do. Along with some great hash from different parts of the world, there was a lot of tête-à-tête on recreational usage of weed along with more serious discussions like addiction, deaddiction and rehab.

After business was conducted in Vegas style, we got down to what we do best. Enjoy the hash. This was the first time that I’d gotten my hands on authentic Malana stuff. The last time that I’d tasted it was when I trekked all the way to Malana from Kulu enroute to Manikaran. For the uninitiated, that’s in India and is home to the best hash in the world.

After a couple of joints, it was time for bragging rights. My buddy started to blow the trumpet about this amazing detox product that he’d discovered.

It was called Jazz Total Detox and according to him, this shit was the nectar of the gods. Irrespective of whether you’d used weed or acid or coke, this would work.

He’d even bought a few bottles with him so that the mods could test it themselves and recommend to others who often struggled with home remedies like Niacin or Certo.

Back home, I did some background check on Jazz Total Detox and put it to the test.

Jazz Total Detox for drug test

The first thing that caught my attention was the different categories of products that they have. Along with regular detox solutions in 10 and 16 oz. bottles, they also have detox capsules which according to them accelerate the speed at which your body excretes toxins and they also have shampoos and mouthwashes for hair and saliva tests.

People who weigh up to 230 lbs. need to use just one bottle of JazZ Total detox, refill it thrice with water and gulp it down. It keeps you clean for up to five hours. If you weigh more than 230 lbs., you need to drink two bottles of the detox liquid and refill one of the bottles thrice with water and drink it. No need to drink six bottles of water.

If you have smoked on the same day as the test, you can take the one-hour detox capsule along with a bottle of the detox liquid. You are good to go.

Now for the claims.

jazz total detox review

The claims

The manufacturers claim that this is not an herbal flush. Instead, it uses ‘laboratory grade compounds’ that will increase molecular respiration. I don’t know what that means to be honest. But it doesn’t end there.

They also claim that drinking one bottle of their detox solution is enough to flush out drug metabolites from every major body system including tears, sweat, saliva, blood, lymph, digestive systems and of course, urine.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t even waste my time on such bull crap. But since this was put in as a request, I decided to test and write a Jazz total detox review anyway.

Jazz Total Detox review : Conclusion

I ran the first test 2 hours after I drank the entire bottle and urinated 3 times. I followed the instructions to the T and still tested positive for Marijuana in the home drug test.

In the second test, I smoked weed, waited for 48 hours and used their 16 oz bottle of the detox solution. After an hour, I used the ‘Jazz One Hour Caps’ which supposedly helps the system flush the drug metabolites sooner than normal. I urinated thrice and took the test again after 45 minutes. I was supposed to be in the ‘5 hour clean window phase by now’.

Once again, I tested positive.

Using Jazz total detox for drug test is not a good idea..I fail to understand how such brands manage to stay in the business. Save your money folks and don’t fall for such stupid claims.

For supervised drug tests I recommend: Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean detox drink if the test is unsupervised, synthetic urine is the way to go.

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