How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Opiates

Are you in need of a job, or anything else that could rely on the results of a future drug test? Well, we aren’t all going to be straight shooters – after all, you’ve only got one life to live!

Regardless of what drugs you’ve been doing in your spare time, saliva drug tests are quite common these days. As a result, you’ll find it rather important to under the concept behind these tests; as well as how to pass a saliva drug test. I’m a blogger for now, but I’ve seen my fair share of drugs in the past.

I was never the type of person to steal electronics in order to pay for their habits, but I was definitely someone who had seen better days. I was getting clean, and decided to keep smoking marijuana; that’s when I realized I needed to find a proper job.

This lead to me being subject to an abundance of saliva drug tests, all of which I had failed (before trying the products I’m going to recommend, mind you).

When I thought about “how to pass a saliva drug test”, I almost immediately thought about those nifty detox products you see in head shops. Those would definitely make it so that I could pass and secure a job, right? Turns out I was wrong in that regard, as all of those products are just a sham – there’s really no home remedies to help you with this matter either. Cotton swab drug tests are a true menace to most of us.

What is the “Test”?

Toxin Rid Rescue WashThis mouth swab test is pretty common in most industries you’ll come across, and that’s due to the fact that people want to hire the best candidates possible. Now, with that being said, there are tons of candidates that are more than capable of handling the job; they just might fail a drug test or two.

In order to know how to pass a saliva drug test, you have to know how they work. Firstly, let’s look at how people can test you on the spot. When you’ve got a job, and you’re really happy with it, on the job drug testing is actually going to be an issue. If you do partake in smoking marijuana (or something harder, if that’s what you please), you’ll need to have some sort of “out”.


You don’t want to be left unable to cover because you smoked a joint, and ended up getting fired over a failed cheek swab drug test.

They take a cotton swab that has been sterilized, and proceed to swab the inside of your mouth. They take the DNA samples that they receive from your saliva, and analyze them in a laboratory.

If you’ve got any sort of drug in your system, it’s more than likely going to be pointed out through the analyzing process of your saliva.

This is a big problem, which leads to many people being in need of a righteous solution. I don’t like getting hit with random drug tests, but it’s something we all have to deal with; it’s a good thing that there is finally stuff to help us out with it. The mouth swab drug test accuracy ranking is pretty high, so it’s definitely necessary.

How to pass a saliva drug test. Can I Prepare Myself?

Preparation is key. In order to make sure that you aren’t getting played a fool by random drug tests, is to truly understand how to pass a saliva drug test. You can prepare yourself by making sure that you’re always alert, and aware that these tests happen randomly.

You don’t need to be paranoid, just take certain precautions. Don’t smoke that joint before work – you don’t need it! I’ve used two products (personally) that have allowed me to pass these pesky littel tests, so let’s talk about them a bit more.

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

Testing positive on a surprise drug test is bad; very, very bad. You need a “go-to” solution in order to make sure you don’t lose your job randomly, and this very well could be that solution.Rescue wash is said to remove all of the toxins and stuff associated with drugs out of your mouth. That’s right, you’ll finally have the ability to kill any trace of drugs inside your mouth!

All you need to do is make use of the product before the drug test is taken, and you’re good to go. It’s incredibly easy to use, and actually helped me maintain the first job I truly enjoyed.

Keep one of these little bottles inside of your work desk, or any other area that you can access it quickly; it will make sure that you’re never left with your pants down (a figure of speech, it means that you’ll never be caught off guard). You can order Rescue Wash from

Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum

how to pass a saliva drug testAlthough the name could probably use some work, Oral Clear is still an amazing product.

As opposed to being a product that would fall under the category of mouthwash, Oral Clear is merely a saliva neutralizing chewing gum!It adds a bit of fun to the fact that you’re clearly hiding drug residue from your employers, and it even tastes quite decent.

It works in about 30 seconds, which means you don’t need a lot of time to prepare for your test.

All you do is just pop the little chewable tablet into your mouth, and you’re good to go. If you aren’t a fan of using mouthwash, which some people aren’t, this is the selection that you could decide to go with. You can purchase it from

There you have it! Passing those randomized saliva drug tests is literally as straightforward as it gets; it’s just a matter of purchasing the right products to help you out.

I’m not going to say that I can endorse the use of drugs, but I will say that I am not entirely against it. If I was, would I really be writing this article; I’ve been in your shoes before!

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