Easiest Way To Pass A Probation Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours

How To Pass A Probation Drug Test In one Day

If you are on probation, then you will know that one of the conditions of its continuance is staying free of drug use. Unfortunately that’s not always possible, so you need to know how to pass a probation drug test in one day, because you don’t get much notice.

The thing is, a probation drug test is slightly different to a normal one, a drug test you would undergo to get employment, or if you are in an accident at work.

You need to understand how probation drug testing procedures are different, because then you can get around them, so that you can always produce a clean sample.

So let’s look at how you can pass a probation drug test in one day, by explaining exactly what happens, what won’t work, and telling you exactly what products you need to always pass a probation drug test.

Probation Drug Test Type

The probation drug test type is a urine sample drug test.

So in terms of the type of test, it’s no different to one you would take to get a job.

On top of that, unless it’s extreme circumstances, ordered by a court, where you might have to take a different type of test (hair follicle test sometimes), overwhelmingly the normal probation drug test is a standard five panel one.

The substances that a five panel drug test can pick up are:

  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine/methamphetamine
  • Opiate
  • THC (marijuana)
  • PCP

So as you can see, the type of drug test you will face during probation is in many ways quite basic, so you could just simply avoid those substances. But if you can’t, and you have taken them in the past 1-2 weeks, even one joint, then if you face a urine drug test, you could test positive.

probation drug test type

Is Passing A Probation Drug Test Different?

Passing a probation drug test is slightly different to a standard employment drug test. It’s different for two reasons, the first of which is obviously that if you fail then your probation could be revoked.

The second reason is that you don’t have the same range of options do you do for pre-employment drug testing.

You won’t get the same amount of notice. Sometimes you are told you are taking one basically on the spot. So you don’t get any notice to prepare.

Plus, when you take a urine drug test during probation, the way in which you are tested is different as well. This is the vital difference we’ll talk about now.

How Probation Drug Testing Procedures Catch People Out

With probation drug testing procedures, you can be observed submitting your urine sample. Sometimes people get caught out, because that’s not the case for employment drug testing. It’s illegal to look at someone submitting a sample under normal testing circumstances.

But if you are on probation, you waive that right to privacy to certain degree. Which means that you could be observed actually submitting your sample into the sample cup.

Now that doesn’t mean someone is necessarily going to be standing in front of you looking at your private parts, but they can be in the room with you, and can indirectly observe.

Or at the very least, it will be an open door, so that you can be observed from a distance.

Which makes using synthetic urine, the easiest way of passing a probation drug testing one day, tricky, if not impossible.

I personally wouldn’t risk it. However, technically you could use a pouch and tube, so that you could simulate the natural action of urinating, but if you are spotted, or searched physically before submitting your sample, you will get found out.

passing a probation drug test

Does Certo Work To Pass A Drug Test For Probation?

The Sure Jell drug test method has been recommended for years as a way to get through a urine drug test. Basically it works on the theory that certo is full of fiber, which can help to drag drug toxins out of your system, leaving you free of them for a few hours in your urine so you can submit a clean sample.

The problem with that is that is very hit and miss. Yes there is evidence it could work to some extent, simply because fiber can achieve the removal of toxins, but no, not many people pass a drug test using purely the certo method.

My question is always: why do you want to risk your probation, your freedom, because you want to save a few bucks? Yes the certo method is cheap, but why on earth would you risk it when there are better options out there?

How To Pass A Probation Drug Test In One Day

So when it comes to the situation of learning how to pass a probation drug test in one day, your options are pretty much limited to one: use a high quality detox drink.

Basically, a detox drink will mask the toxins in your urine for a few hours. You drink the detox drink, then urinate frequently in the hour after you drink it, and your urine will then be toxin free for a few hours, usually maximum of five.

But be careful, because not all detox drinks are powerful enough to definitely work, and when you are up for a probation drug test, you need to know it’s going to work.

Which is why I will recommend only one detox drink to you.

Mega Clean with pre rid pills is the most powerful detox drink on the market right now. But it isn’t cheap.

Mega Clean is your guarantee against failing a probation drug test. There is literally no other way you can be called in for a urine drug test at short notice, probably be observed, and still pass.

For detailed info check out my Mega Clean review.

You can buy Mega clean with pre rid pills HERE.

Mega clean detox

Be Prepared: Don’t Get Caught Out

The key here to be prepared, so you don’t get caught out during probation drug test.

The bottom line here is that passing a probation drug test is no different to passing any other type, but you don’t get the same amount of notice usually, and you will be observed.

But in terms of what they test for, it’s exactly the same.

So the key is to be prepared, and have a strategy for drinking the detox drink before you take the test.

The first tip is to make sure you have a bottle of  Mega Clean. If you are on parole, and you know you are going to have metabolites in your body, then you must have a bottle ready.

Be aware that this brand of detox drink is  sold in headshops, but without toxin rid pre rid pills, without the pre rid pills, its not that powerful anymore.

Only this shop sells mega clean with toxin rid pre rid pill (shipping takes 1-2 days), so you can’t just rush in and buy one at short notice.

When you are going for a meeting with your probation officer, it’s probably best to drink the bottle an hour before you leave, making sure you urinate 2-3 times afterwards, so that you are always prepared for an on the spot test.

It’s the same deal if you are told to go to a lab at short notice to submit a sample, you’ve got the detox drink at home ready to use.

So the best way to pass a probation drug test in one day, in one hour, is to get your hands on a bottle of Mega Clean, and make sure that you always have a bottle at home to use.

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