How To Pass A Drug Test In 30 Minutes

I’ve had a few people asking me how to pass a drug test in 30 minutes recently. It’s not a question I can explain in a couple of sentences and loads of times individually, so I thought it was best to just write a short article about it and then point people towards this.

Fundamentally you have to first understand how a drug test works, and then understand what you can do to get around the drug test.

So let’s take a look at what you can and cannot do to pass a drug test quickly, in a short space of time like with 30 minutes notice.

How Drug Tests Work

Whatever you take or smoke is converted into metabolites in your system. For example, THC is what gets you high when you smoke cannabis, and it’s converted into a metabolite in your body.

It’s the metabolites which are picked up in drug screening tests. So for example when you go for a urine test, they will screen for the metabolites of various types of drugs.

Those metabolites passing through your system from the moment you get high, they are being converted and then they stick to the cells in your body and slowly pass out of your system. Sometimes in a matter of hours, sometimes over the course of a few weeks.

The body does this naturally and it’s pretty tough to speed it up, and you certainly can’t be talking about getting rid of drug metabolites in 30 minutes, not 24 hours, not even a few days.

Sure Jell drug test

Ways You Can’t Pass A Drug Test Quickly

So now you are educated on drug metabolites, let’s look at methods that can sometimes work but definitely won’t work for a quick fix to get you through a drug test.

Home remedies like the Sure Jell Drug Test method will not work. They take time to mix up, use and then for the metabolites to work their way out. That’s if a home remedy works at all.

Detox pills are also out, even a high quality one like Toxin Rid needs a few days to help speed up the expulsion of toxins. Any pill claiming to detox you in 24 hours is bullshit, and nothing on earth can get you clean in 30 minutes.

Just like most home remedies, even a high quality THC detox drink will not work if you are confronted with an almost instant drug test. It takes an hour or two for a detox drink to stop toxins entering the bladder, which means they won’t work either.

How to Pass a Drug Test in 30 minutes

How To Pass A Drug Test In 30 Minutes

Which leaves you with a couple of options if you need to learn how to pass a drug test in 30 minutes because you are confronted with one.

The first is to get the test delayed. Even 24 hours will give you time to explore other options. But it’s risky.

The second method is to use synthetic urine. A high quality one will pass every time, and it’s instant to submit. For more info please check out my synthetic urine reviews.

You can’t use any brand because most synthetic urine, good or bad, like Upass, Quick Fix or Magnum, require a microwave and heat pads to get the sample up to the right temperature. If your sample isn’t the right temperature then you’re screwed.

The only brand I know that can work to help you pass a drug test in 30 minutes is Sub Solution synthetic urine because it has a special heat activation powder. You pour in about a third of the heat activator powder, give it a shake and it should warm it up to the correct temperature in about a minute.

So as long as you have got a few minutes, you could mix it in a locker for example, strap it to you, and then go and submit the sample as most employment drug tests are unobserved. For me, Sub Solution is your only answer if you are faced with an immediate drug test.

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