How To Pass A Blood Drug Test

If you are here, you are probably wondering how to pass a blood drug test? A blood test is the second most common drug test used to date. A urine test is the most popular. However, blood tests are the most expensive drug tests used, and therefore – are the most reliable.

Many companies will not use them due to the cost, however – if you are quite high up in your company, expect a few of these throughout your career. They are quite hard to pass as well, as you cannot use somebody else’s blood, which you may be able to do with urine. You cannot use synthetic blood either, as this is all supervised.

how to pass a blood drug testTherefore, you have to be able to detox your body of all traces of THC. So how do you pass a blood drug test?

The method you use for this all depends on how long you have until your drug test.

If you have a large amount of time, longer than a week, then you could just let your body naturally detox itself.

While the hair follicle test can reveal a history of drug use, luckily the blood test checks for concentration levels of certain substances! Another great advantage of blood tests is that the detection time is extremely short, it can only detect drug use from the past week maximum!

So to pass a blood drug test, you could simply stop using marijuana for a week and let your body detox your blood naturally. However, it is best to make the risks as small as possible, since you don’t want to leave it down to fate.

The number one tip you should always follow for any drug test, especially the blood test is not to smoke marijuana on the same week of the test, stop any usage at least 7 days before the test.

The next thing you should do for a complete week is to live a healthy lifestyle.

This means:

  • Consuming large amounts of fluids to flush through your body
  • Eat good quality, healthy food
  • No junk food, like greasy burgers and fries – as these slow down your metabolic rate, coupled with the fact that the sodium present in these foods retains water, which we don’t want.

How to pass a blood drug test

To make sure you are fully prepared for your blood drug test; you can as well make use of the huge range of products available to you online! However most of them are crap. There is only one product that I recommend its called Toxin Rid, if you use this for a few days before the blood test; you are guaranteed to pass.

However, if you consume large amounts of marijuana – you may want to consider using this product for a longer time while refraining from smoking any marijuana or using drugs– as this will aid your chances of passing the test, which at the end of the day is the whole goal of this!

[alert-warning]Some websites recommend Qcarbo and other detox drinks for blood drug test. These drinks coat your kidney and don’t let THC and other toxins out of your body for a a few hours. Do not fall for them, it’s complete bullshit, they are just trying to sell you Qcarbo to get some commission. Detox drinks do work, but for urine test only.[/alert-warning]

pass blood drug testI would always recommend you use Toxin rid amongst other methods.

As this provides a large safety net to fall back on if other method fails, but the fact that all of these products are readily available to anyone is what makes it so easy.

So, how do one pass a blood drug test? All you have to do is to simply use the product mentioned above, and reduce the amount of marijuana that you smoke during the week.

You can get Toxin Rid from their webshop.

If you follow all of these steps, you will definitely pass your blood drug test, giving you also the freedom to smoke marijuana whenever you want! Even if your test won’t be a blood test, Toxin rid also works for urine tests – which are the most common drug tests currently used.

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