High Voltage Detox Review

I’m fascinated by the potential of detox drinks to rescue people from that essential drugs test, and I’m always searching for ones that genuinely seem to work.

I also hate being ripped off and I hate seeing other people ripped off with huge stupid claims that never stack up. So I have kind of made it a bit of a mission to test what’s out there and tell you what works.

I thought it was time I did a high voltage detox review, as a lot of people talk about it online, it’s decently priced and well packaged. I guess the key question is does high voltage detox drink work?

High Voltage Detox Review – What is High Voltage?

High Voltage Detox reviewBasically it’s a flavored detox drink with a supplement. For this review I’m using the high voltage double flush detox, in Acai grape flavor. It’s a 16oz drink and capsules combo pack.

I want to try it because it does have mixed reviews, half of them say it’s great, the half say it’s rubbish. Taking into account that a lot of positive reviews could be fake, there seems to be a bit of negativity about it, so I wanted to see for myself.

So as the starting point for this review, it doesn’t seem the most reliable brand out there, but it seems to be better than some of the rubbish I’ve tried before in my reviews, like test pure platinum or rely detox, based on comments online.

Does High Voltage Detox Drink Work?

Well that’s the million-dollar question, so let’s tell you about my test of high voltage detox.

It says it’s a product that is recommended for light smokers with a small to average body mass, basically not as much as I weigh, which is 200lbs.

So I have to put that out there at the start, that I’m testing this product past the limit of what it recommends.

It’s meant to work within an hour of taking, and you are meant to do a good flush with plenty of water in the 24 hours before you take it as well. And obviously abstain from taking stuff as well.

I did all that, and I waited a couple of hours and took a drugs test and it failed.

So the bottom line from what I’m seeing is that it didn’t work. However, I have seen a YouTube video where a guy is 180lbs and he said it worked for him. But then I’ve seen another video where the guy is around my size who has said it didn’t work for him.

So it could be that you need a higher flush through of high voltage detox drink for it to work.

The Bottom Line On High Voltage Detox drink

High Voltage DetoxSo from where I’m sitting at the end of my high voltage detox review, this product didn’t work.

But I did push it passed its limit, and there seems to be anecdotal evidence from people who are in the right size range that the product size as sold can work for them.

But for me, from all the testing I have done of detox products, there are better alternatives out there for the same price.

On Amazon, it’s $31, and on their own website at high voltage detox, it’s $44.95 for the double flush detox combo.

But if you only smoke occasionally, and you are under 200lbs in weight, then it could be worth a try, but my recommendation is not to rely on high-voltage detox if your job or freedom is counting on it. Synthetic urine, Toxin Rid detox pills, Mega clean or Rescue Cleanse 32Oz detox drink (only 50$) are what I recommend.

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