Does Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Work For Drug Test

herbal clean ultra elimine

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is definitely a premium detox drink in terms of how it looks, and how much it costs. There have been a lot of positive Ultra Eliminex reviews out there recently, so I thought was time to test it and write my own.

So in this detailed Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex review, I’m going to tell you exactly what is, how to use it, and if it works. I’ve tested this product for a natural drug test situation, so I can tell you exactly how good it is.

There are a ton of detox drinks out there, and currently I only really recommend two, Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

So how does Ultra Eliminex stack up alongside these two tough guys?

What Is Ultra Eliminex?

Ultra Eliminex is a 32oz, premium detox drink sold by a well-established company who retail products under the brand name “Herbal Clean”.

It’s a new product, it has not been out that long, and it appears to have a powerful and modern formula, that I haven’t seen in any other detox drink.

On top of that, Herbal Clean also make another famous detox drink called QCarbo. This brand was around for a lot of years, and although it still available, it’s not as reliable, and I guess that’s why they created the new formula product, Ultra Eliminex.

How Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

Detox drinks like Ultra Eliminex work by temporarily flushing the toxins out of your body. It’s a complete misconception that they truly detox your body, removing toxins from your bloodstream and cells.

What happens is, you drink the drink, and it flushes the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract. At the same time, the liquid you drink contains a complex blend of nutrients, which restore the balance in your urine for a few hours after that.

So the bottom line is that the toxins are flushed out, and for a few hours, usually around five at the most, you will be able to submit a clean sample.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex review

Instructions For Using Ultra Eliminex

The instructions for using Ultra Eliminex are pretty straightforward. You won’t get caught out by these:

  1. Chill the product, shake the bottle well.
  2. Drink the contents at a steady pace over about 30 minutes.
  3. Eliminate toxins in your bladder and urinary tract by urinating as frequently as possible in the next hour (a minimum of three times).

After that, you will have toxin free urine for around five hours.

So it’s pretty straightforward stuff, and unlike a lot of drinks, you don’t even have to refill the bottle and drink another 32oz of water. I think this shows how concentrated and strong the formula is.

But does it work?

Does Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Work For Drug Test

The key question is obviously: Does herbal clean Ultra Eliminex work for drug test success?

In the past I’ve used Herbal Clean QCarbo for testing purposes in a review, and failed a home drug test. So I wasn’t too convinced initially that Ultra Eliminex would work.

I was forced into a corner a few months back. I will not go into details, but it was a supervised drug test, not your usual low-grade, unsupervised pre-employment type of test.

If it had been, I would have simply used synthetic urine.

But that wasn’t an option, and I couldn’t get hold of Mega Clean because the only web store I trust was down, or Rescue Cleanse because it was out of stock at Testclear.

I followed the instructions exactly, and on top of that I also stopped smoking weed the day before as well.

The great news is that I passed the test. I’m a heavy smoker, and I was a bit nervous trying a new detox drink, but it passed with flying colors. For me, Ultra Eliminex detox works.

Does Ultra Eliminex work

So Are Ultra Eliminex Reviews Correct?

The conclusion of this is that I believe positive Ultra Eliminex reviews are correct. It’s a premium product at a premium price, but it really does work.

Currently you can buy it with 15$ off for 65$ only.

So it’s now been added to my list of detox drinks that really work every time, alongside Mega Clean  and Rescue Cleanse.

It is expensive, but if you can find it at a discount, it’s actually no more expensive than either of my other recommendations, so it’s definitely recommended that you buy cheap, and keep in stock.

Its shelf life will be a year, which means you will always be prepared, by having a bottle of Ultra Eliminex ready to use, should you not be able to use synthetic urine.

So don’t make the mistake I did, by not having a detox drink in stock, and all yourself at least one bottle to make sure

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