Herbal Clean Premium Detox Review

For quite a while now I’ve been testing what works and what doesn’t work in terms of doing a detox to be clear for a drugs test.

One of the things I’ve had several people contact me about to see if I had the experience with  the Herbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program.

And I’m going to be honest here, and say that I’m not going to do a review of this seven-day detox. It’s okay to test a simple detox drink, but there’s no way on Earth I’m going to spend seven days testing what I already know won’t work.

It’s not just about testing what they give you, it’s that the instructions are incredibly detailed and you have to follow a proper diet and exercise routine. It is completely ridiculous because drinking loads of water as it recommends, and being active is going to do some good anyway, so I just can’t see how any of the ingredients or instructions can enhance that.

Herbal Clean Premium Detox review

Herbal Clean Premium Detox ReviewHerbal Clean Premium Detox 7 Day Instructions are incredibly detailed and to be honest I find them completely ridiculous.First each day you have to take four capsules from the jumpstart packet along with lots of water. Then you have to take the AM capsules with lots of water, and then in the evening the PM capsules are lots of water.

So that’s 12 capsules each day at specific times.

The detox instructions then say that after you’ve taken the AM capsules you also have to then do at least 15 minutes of exercise, have three small snacks during the morning and three more significant amount of water.

You then have to repeat these instructions in the afternoon with the PM part of the plan.

[alert-note]So that’s at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, +6 snacks, plus meals, plus about eight glasses of water and 12 capsules. It’s absolutely ridiculous when you look at what’s actually in the pills you are taking, which is the only part that could possibly do anything different.[/alert-note]

Basically from where I’m standing, they are getting you to undertake a body cleansing regime with some useless capsules to make it feel like you’re doing something better. Also the price is only $35, which is far too low if it was to be effective.

Have People Had Any Results With Herbal Clean Premium Detox ?

Herbal Clean Premium Detox

This product is sold as a health supplement, not even as a detox product for a drugs test, so right from the start they are not claiming that it will do a detox.

The reviews online a very mixed, most of the positive ones are very short and obviously fake, saying things like “best product, it works!”.

[alert-note]The more negative reviews are more detailed and seem to be more legitimate. People tend to spend more time moaning than they do praising.[/alert-note]

I’ve yet to see anybody say that they have passed a drugs test after using this product for seven days. But if they have, then it’s because they were probably a low volume user, followed the instructions for stopping taking the drugs, or smoking marijuana, or whatever, seven days before, and then managed to flush their system out.

That’s nothing to do with the this product, it’s stopping taking stuff a week before, and then clearing out your system. You can do that for free.

There is literally no guarantee you can pass a drugs test from the product makers, so there are no claims and no responsibility if you fail.

So What Can You Use To Pass A Drugs Test?

If you look carefully you’ll find that the clever people are using things to pass drugs tests. There are detox pills out there that work (if you don’t want to clean your system just pass the test then go with synthetic urine).

The best I have found is called Toxin Rid.

I’ve passed a couple of drugs tests using the Toxin Rid pills, and they work really well. They come with a money back guarantee and I’m telling you that they do the job.

The only downside is that they cost more money. But hey, when your job, promotion, future or freedom are on the line, then what’s a bit of money spent?

So forget trying the Herbal Clean Premium Detox unless you have absolutely no other alternative. It may be better than nothing.

If you want to be 100% sure you going to get a negative result, then the combination I found to work is Toxin Rid detox pills, or if you can’t get those then Mega Clean cleansing drink has also got me through a test.

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