Field Kit Synthetic Urine Kit Review

If DOT validated 5-panel tests weren’t hard enough, there’s a new trend taking shape. Employers these days hire a Drug Test Technician or DTT who’s like a Private Detective who visits your workplace or your house out of the blue and asks you to piss into a bottle right in front of him.

What’s worse is that you are supposed to report to the DTT immediately without taking a detour to your car or your closet.

To think of it, we have used fake piss for all these years and never gotten busted even once. As they say, ‘All good things must come to an end’. But, if your employer respects your privacy and allows you to submit a sample to the laboratory the good old way, then we have a reviewed one of the newer synthetic urine brands for you.

It is called ‘ Field Kit Synthetic Urine kit ’ and is manufactured by BC entities.

Right from the outdated packaging to the arcane design, this one is clearly not intended for use in a urinalysis. If it is, then they must consider going back to the drawing board with this.

Who supplies a longish tube and two clamps attached to a bladder bag these days?

field kit synthetic urine kit

Advertised as for use in fetish porn

At least the manufacturer, BC entities doesn’t blow their own trumpet ala some of the newer brands. All the literature on their website suggests that the urine is manufactured for ‘testing’ and use in fetish porn at best.

If you are looking to use it to beat a urinalysis, then you will most likely need to invest in a temperature regulator of some sort. That’s because their heating mechanism is clumsy, outdated and terribly unreliable.

You get a bladder bag, 3 oz. of synthetic piss and a heating pad. BC entities instructs you to activate the heating pad and then wear the bladder bag around your body for almost an hour.

There’s no mention of easier options like microwaving the urine. So, you’d have to start prepping an hour before you head out to the lab. Also, the bladder bag as a large tube that you may need to cut to make it easier to squeeze the urine into the bottle.

Design woes apart, the urine looks too diluted for my liking. Compare it with your own urine with some B12 thrown in and you’d notice the difference right away.

Field Kit Synthetic Urine Kit Review : Conclusion

Nevertheless, I followed the instructions to the T. Fired up the heating pad, wore the bladder around the waist for 50 minutes and then rechecked the temperature on the strip. Showed 95.

I tested it using a Renal Function test strip that analyzes the sample for specific gravity, protein and creatinine.

The first test strip indicated that the urine had a specific gravity of 1.001. That means that the sample is too diluted. In a drug test, that’s a red flag and your sample will most likely be rejected and you may even be asked to wait in the lab for a few hours and retest.

It also showed an inconsistent creatinine reading the two times I tested it. There was a slight difference in the temperature of the urine on both occasions. But I personally found the discrepancy to be too much for my liking.

Any synthetic urine that is not calibrated to perfection can easily be detected these days. And the field kit from BC entities is certainly not the best. I’d give it a miss.

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