Drug Abuse and Free Speech

Recently, Point Loma Nazarene University took a great deal of heat for inviting former Mexico President Vincenze Fox to speak, and then cancelling that engagement because he has advocated legalization of narcotics as a method of handling that problem. The debate over legalization of illegal drugs is not as simple as that being a ridiculous suggestion, because in China, for example, they have a plan that works, involving same, whereas in the United States, we have no plan that works to abate drug addiction.

Mexico President Vincenze Fox legalize drugs
China is hardly famous for freedoms, but they do have a plan that minimizes drug trafficking, drug crime, cartel drug money, jail costs, and drug addiction, plus costs the taxpayers and families of addicts next to nothing. They legalized dope, but placed very heavy restrictions upon the use of same.

Here’s how it works in China:

Since governments can buy such things as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, hashish, and other narcotics at a very low price, legally, China uses its purchasing power as a nation to buy whatever its addicts will need. Free distribution by the government insures that nobody has to break into your house, rob you, nor carjack you, to steal valuables and trade them for dope. There are, however, some stark controls necessary on a plan like this.

Buying, selling, posession in quantity, or even the attempted sale or purchase of narcotics is punishable by death. Every addict must receive their drugs free directly from the government, so there would be no profit motive in selling dope, anyway.

How can you compete with free? Is selling dope worth a death sentence? The entire drug trade collapses.


Anyone wanting drugs for their own personal use registers as an addict, and gets interviewed as to what they need, and how much. They are informed that everyone who wants dope has to go get their own, and any sharing, selling, or giving away of same, even an extremely small quantity, will result in death for all concerned.

They are also informed that undercover government agents will try to get them to sell some, give them some, and tempt them as much as possible. If they give them any, they get shot in the head, right on the spot. They are shown videos of people caught sharing, and watch those people die.

China apparently feels that addicts rarely recover, and that they do not appreciably contribute to society in the meantime. And, of course, the money involved in buying dope means a heavy financial burden upon addicts, often leading to crime. Its plan eliminates all profits for the drug cartels. It also eliminates money for criminal defense lawyers, as often people here must sell dope in order to pay for their attorney.chinese drug addict

Drug abuse is never a nice business, nor is any part of dealing with same. It is, however, here to stay, and no program so far in the United States has even managed to significantly reduce it. Like the US, China uses the news media to send a message not to use drugs.

But there, if that fails, the government encourages people to take a minimum-wage job for their basic living expenses, and none of that money need to go for a dope habit. On dope, the government has you covered.

So, should people addicted to illegal drugs be largely written off, as China suggests? I was addicted to both tobacco and cocaine at two different parts of my life, long ago, and managed to give up both. Although some people have suggested that the use of cocaine added to the rough life I’ve had, I am actually better from having been addicted plus quitting.

I learned a lot about society and myself.

I do not suggest starting drugs in order to become a better person by quitting, but if you or someone you love currently uses dope, there is hope. I found tobacco, for example, much more difficult to quit than cocaine.

Caffeine, I was unable to quit, and use it to this day, although it does help me remember things, and even improves my typing skills. Nobody has all the answers to drug addiction, but China seems to have an interesting perspective.

And, as for censoring President Fox for wanting to deliver the message that I just gave, well, shame on you. A modification of the China Plan might very well work for Mexico. Besides, this is just talk, to help arrive at a solution, not a piece of proposed legislation.

We all need to allow others to express opinions, even when we partially disagree, and then we can reason with people why our own views work better. This gives the appearance of fairness to all sides, while also maintaining control because we get to speak last. Freedom of Speech and the Press is actually a marvelous tool to help control people, if you understand how it really works. Kudos, Founding Fathers. Great Nation in progress.


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